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Recommended November 23, 2015
"The appeal of this game is right there in the premise, but Hatfall is nonetheless a great bit of fun if you can dig the humour."
Recommended October 9, 2015
"As casual as they can, but if you like casual sims, you can't do much better than this entry from Endless Loop Studios."
Recommended October 9, 2015
"An early access escapee, this management sim is the best thing in that genre going right now, bar none."
Recommended September 16, 2015
"A somewhat casual and buggy game, but if you can see beyond that, it's a fun one."
Recommended September 16, 2015
"A very niche game, but one that fits its niche very well; well-presented and well-made, if the premise appeals, it's worth a look."
Recommended September 16, 2015
"A unique management game crossed with an interesting and richly-illustrated narrative that even after more than a decade still holds up."
Recommended August 24, 2015
"A bit harsh in the game balance, but nonetheless a fun and interesting take on the rogue-like genre."
Recommended July 10, 2015
"A call back to retro Atari video games, Quarries of Scred has plenty of fun to offer to someone jonesing for such days."
Recommended July 1, 2015
"A decent story and some atmospheric horror somewhat let down by the technical deficiences of being an early adopter of the Unreal Engine 4."
Recommended June 27, 2015
"A strangely-compelling game, Papers Please tells an intriguing story of a backwater communist nation through the medium of passports and dialogue."
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