The best co-op games available on Steam!

Recommended November 7
"A beat em up fan's dream featuring seven classic Capcom games, two of which, have never been released on a console or PC all playable in couch or online co-op. It's pure arcade entertainment!"
Recommended September 26
"Team up on the couch or online to kick some doors in hostage rescue, bomb, and terrorist clearing missions. Co-Op shines in this game for it's emergent moments, strategical elements, & comedic style."
Recommended September 10
"One of the most entertaining co-op games to come out in years; it oozes with style, replayability, camaraderie, and three different gameplay modes all in glorious four player co-op. "
Recommended August 8
"A slight evolution on the Left 4 Dead formula with defensive options, more objectives, and a less mature theme with Aliens being the central enemy. A solid four player online co-op experience."
Recommended July 5
"A modern beat em up with classic style visuals and tons of customization. Couch co-op for 3 players is available to play through the campaign. Tight controls and combos make this extremely satisfying."
Recommended June 22
"With improvements to loot, mission structure, class progression and a greater variety of enemies - Vermintide 2 is a solid sequel that's a fun experience with friends everytime."
Recommended May 2
"Lute up and collect loot with three local or online friends in a tabletop like Rogue-Lite RPG. Highly replayable, impressive looking, and charming."
Recommended April 30
"We need more games like The Swords of Ditto to challenge our notions for what “rogue-lites” and “Zelda clones” can be. Enjoy this one with a friend or family member on the couch!"
Recommended February 22
"Put yourself in a puzzle room with a friend, except you can only communicate via walkie talkie. We Were Here Too is a short, but satisfying two player co-op experience not to be missed."
Recommended January 31
"Four players can join in on this side scrolling beat em up in local, online, or combo co-op play. The characters are wacky, the story silly, and the combat satisfying."
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