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Recommended June 25, 2016
"I highly recommend this game! Easy to learn, great tutorial, very fun to play, engaging, and overall just an enjoyable game that you can play for hours!"
Recommended May 12, 2016
"Homeworld Remastered is a nice update that brings one of the best RTS games from the 90's into the modern age of gaming."
Recommended May 12, 2016
"The game is a great FPS/RPG set in a Cyberpunk universe where you use a wide array of weapons and powetrs getting more powerful as you level up."
Recommended May 7, 2016
"SOMA is a the newest horrorr game by Frictional Games that takes place under the ocene. Expolore the undersea facilites, and try to find out why."
Recommended April 25, 2016
"I recommend this game game because it is a really fun RTS that takes the rules from the table top Battlefleet Gothic game and translates them amazingly."
Recommended February 14, 2016
"Any Bethesda fan will love the newest of the Fallout series. I would write more, but another settlement needs my help!"
Recommended February 14, 2016
"Relive your nightmares of Nostromo that you had after watching Alien. Amazing graphics and countless nights of bed-wetting awaits!"
Recommended February 14, 2016
"For lovers of Minecraft who want to move on to something with less blocky and more polygons. Did I mention it has FREAKIN' DINOSAURS????"
Recommended February 14, 2016
"Intriguing story line and a unique gameplay means must-buy for lovers of survival-type games. The beautiful graphics also is another plus."
Recommended February 14, 2016
"The new price scheme of paying once to enjoy the beautiful graphics and non-repetitive quest lines means we give this gave a two thumbs up."
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