Games that are fun to play: Old school classic, indie and top-rated RPGs

Recommended May 13
"Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire plays like a mix between Baldur's Gate and Pirates! - a great adventure with many choices and consequences and a lot of exploration. Extraordinary!"
Recommended April 22
"Tower of Time is a post-apocalyptic high fantasy/sci-fi RPG. The game features an entertaining story, exploring, tactical real-time with pause combat, a beautiful world and 130 quests. Very Good!"
Recommended April 22
"Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a slow paced medieval open world game. There's no magic in the well-written storyline. Combat is realistic and hard in the beginning. Get lost in old Bohemia!"
Recommended April 21
"Tales of Zestiria is a story rich J-RPG. You need to learn the rather complex action-combat system to enjoy fights. The background story, characters and dialogues are well written. A good Tale-Game!"
Recommended March 4
"Cold Steel II is as good as Cold Steel I. The battle system has even more options. The narrative, the character backstories and quests are top notch - a Masterpiece!"
Recommended February 8
"An Old-School-RPG with great character development, rewarding exploration, turn-based combat and well designed dungeons and quests. Retro-Fun!"
Recommended January 22
"A good story, memorable characters and a versatile turn-based party combat system are making this J-RPG a worthwhile experience. The school sim part takes time, but is fun, too. A very good PC port!"
Recommended November 7, 2017
"A grid based Dungeon Crawler with real time-combat in the tradition of Dungeon Master. A fresh Steampunk setting, puzzles, fun exploration and some survival elements make this a worthwhile game!"
Recommended October 19, 2017
"Exploration, choices with consequences, factions, a dry sense of humor, collecting everything, lots of quests, challenging fights, multiple quest solutions - a typical Piranha Bytes RPG!"
Recommended August 17, 2017
"West of Loathing is a stick figure comedy adventure RPG, with a supernatural western setting, easy turn-based combat and lots of humor - unique and major fun!"
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