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Recommended November 9
"The 3D match engine is mostly unchanged, but there have been visual improvements to the menus and a revamp to training and tactics that will please the fans. The undisputed king of managerial games."
Recommended November 6
"An FMV detective game with an interesting premise (you are a detective who was hired to solve a murder and can shapeshift into any character you've met already) and plenty of replayability."
Recommended October 24
"Combining puzzle solving with a distinct visual style and unique storytelling techniques, Return of the Obra Dinn is a highly creative mystery game, unlike any other games you’ve experienced."
Recommended October 23
"Introduces new elements, but it’s essentially more of the same – and that’s good. Lots of memorable moments and a laugh from start to finish. Worth picking up at a discount if you're a South Park fan"
Recommended October 18
"The most overlooked entry in the series still looks great and has a balance that many RTS titles struggle to achieve even today."
Recommended October 7
"Darkest Dungeon's gorgeous gothic aesthetic immerses the player in a brutally unforgiving and unpredictable, yet immensely rewarding, dungeon crawling experience. "
Recommended September 13
"The spiritual successor to the great Theme Park. Build and manage your hospital, research very unusual illnesses and manage staff and patients in this incredibly fun simulation."
Recommended September 8
"Today’s standards can be harsh on Ryo’s epic saga, but this is a revolutionary piece of gaming history. An unforgettable, enjoyable experience for fans and a great window to the past for newcomers."
Recommended September 4
"Over the top, dramatic, funny, violent and with plenty of memorable side missions. Yakuza’s debut on PC is one of the best entries in the series and a great port."
Recommended August 20
"The perfect mix of Metroidvania and Roguelike, Dead Cells is a gorgeous fast-paced action platformer with addictive combat and progression."
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