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Recommended June 20
"A charming adventure game in the style of limbo/Inside where your goal is to keep your vehicle moving through the wasteland while solving puzzles to advance. Quite short, though (sub 3 hours)."
Recommended June 18
"Dismember your way through a space station battling monsters both real and imaginary in this atmospheric sci-fi horror game. The pinnacle of the series. Beware that Vsync locks the game to 30fps"
Recommended June 5
"Aztez's star is its engaging combo-based combat system that features an interesting strategy layer. The enemy variety and unique art style make it hard to drop."
Recommended June 4
"An intense rhythm-based bullet hell that features hand-crafted levels set to an EDM soundtrack from over 25 artists. Expect a lot of shapes, some beats, and more than a few deaths."
Recommended June 1
"SteamWorld Dig 2 drops the original’s randomly generated levels for linearity, but in this case, that may be a good thing. Better mechanics, great pace and tight controls make it hard to put down."
Recommended May 23
"The minds behind FTL created another addictive game. This time, a complex turn-based tactical strategy game with great replay value that runs well on pretty much any hardware."
Recommended May 22
"Fast, fun and stunning to look at. Combat is easy to grasp and rewarding to master. Absolutely mandatory for DBZ fans and everyone who enjoys over the top fighters."
Recommended May 17
"Combines two iconic puzzle games in amazingly fun, up to 4 player, local battles. Online multiplayer works well but can especially unforgiving for new players."
Recommended May 16
"The definitive version of the absolute musical-shooter classic! Thanks to 4K and VR support, Rez remains as fresh and feels as original as when it was first launched, back in 2001."
Recommended May 14
"An atmospheric puzzle-platformer with unique art and plenty of headscratchers, perfect for those who wished Limbo and Inside had a lot more scares."
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