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Recommended August 20
"Few games catch me completely by surprise with their beauty as well as their gameplay, action-adventure game Figment is one such title."
Recommended August 20
"Not many games will allow you to build a flying Steampunk fortress, while you brace for impact as a massive flying Kraken smashes it to pieces - Airships: Conquer the Skies let's you do that."
Recommended August 20
"If you like the idea of travelling the stars, upgrading your ship and making it your own, going on quests for various factions wrapped up in an ever-changing narrative then it might just be for you. "
Recommended August 7
"Monster Prom is a game I honestly completely ignored when it released. I will hold my hands up to that and tell you how much of an idiot I was for doing so. It's really quite amusing."
Recommended August 7
"It's a mad experience, one I've had quite a lot of fun with overall. A game that will fill you with rage as you completely miss a hook and fill you with wonder as you progress."
Recommended August 7
"Dead Cells mixes some brutal heart-thumping action together with gorgeous visuals to create an experience that completely sold me."
Recommended August 7
"It's a strangely relaxing game in single-player, with you plotting your next evolution, popping bubbles that come up to infect more countries and watching the world crumble."
Recommended July 22
"A fun adventure that borrows from classic titles but also does plenty that's new and unique. It's a nice take on the Age of Sail with plenty of replayability."
Not Recommended June 13
"The three minigames don't warrant being a standalone product, especially one without much in the way of character or story context. The art is charming but can't carry the experience on its own."
Informational June 13
"There are quite a few half-baked ideas here but also moments of pure joy to be found. There is a lot of attention to detail in the visuals but that's not always enough to offset lackluster mechanics."
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