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Recommended July 4
"Explore a lovely papercraft world and type prompted words to restore the environment, cast spells, and fight enemies on an adventure that's equal parts Okami, Legend of Zelda, and Microsoft Word."
Recommended July 4
"Has all the addictive trappings of a vintage high-score-’em-up Arkanoid clone, plus a number of clever twists that blend B-movie sci-fi camp with America’s favorite pastime."
Recommended June 28
"A Where’s Waldo? style hidden object puzzler overflowing with quaint charm thanks to its meticulously hand-drawn black-and-white scenery and vocalized sound effects."
Recommended June 28
"Masterfully blends the acrobatic, blood-soaked combat from Ska's The Dishwasher with familiar Souls-like mechanics, tough bosses, and 2D Metroidvania world design. My favorite Souls-like game yet!"
Recommended June 21
"If you’re a fan of stealth–the Tenchu series in particular–this game is without question a must play. Aragami is sneaky good, but don’t let it slip under your radar."
Recommended June 21
"Starring a plucky, paper-ized hero who can change shapes, this is a delightful 2D platformer-that-could set in a deliciously colorful pop-up world that looks handcrafted out of construction paper."
Recommended June 21
"Immersive narrative game with an uncanny ability to make you feel lost & lonely while also developing a sense of from-a-distance companionship through well written & acted walkie-talkie conversations."
Recommended May 23
"With its approachable difficulty curve and infectiously cheerful personality, Doughlings hits the spot just right as a casual, for-all-ages brick-breaker bubble-shooter mashup."
Recommended May 17
"Hits the spot as an easy to learn, hard to master arcade score attack, succeeding where many games have failed in the mighty task of innovating the brick-breaker."
Recommended May 1
"A good basic jigsaw puzzler for casual solo and co-op play. Hopefully ongoing updates will bring the added content, optimization, and feature depth it still very much needs."
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