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Informational October 11
"[Pros] Mood enhancing sound effects, Easy mistake recovery, Low level psychological horror [Cons] Very short, Incomplete story, Lacking challenge"
Informational September 21
"[Pros] Simple + Easy to pick up, Good physics, Multi solution, Humor [Cons] Repetitive, Pieces lock upon placing, Large difficulty spread, 2/5 badges are meaningless, No new mechanics after the start"
Informational September 14
"[Pros] Art style, Music + mood, Basic platforming + puzzles, Fast/Slow level balance, Secret rooms, Collectibles [Cons] Story execution, RNG boss battle, Some poor object visibility"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Story folklore, Calming background, Voice acting, Amusing fan service [Cons] No replay value, Weak plot, No user interaction, Some players won't like the focus on the main character's breasts"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Clean art, Pleasant music, Hearts challenge, Ming stretching puzzles, Funny quotes, World + story design [Cons] Brain owie, Story unclear, Vertical movement, Difficulty with character specials"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Art and animations, Wordless storytelling, Mini games, Humor [Cons] Short, Some puzzles too abstract, Story sometimes overly ridiculous"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Minimalist art, Sound effects + mood, Light world, Level design [Cons] Aiming angles, May glitch out of levels, Become scared of things other people won't understand"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Art, Fairy tale incorporation, Collectibles, Rhyming dialog, Multiple difficulties, Level variety [Cons] Magic controls, Ends abruptly, Voice acting, Main character's model felt "blocky""
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] Murder everyone, Two endings per chapter, Clue variety, Peeping, Ragdoll physics [Cons] Unbelievable story, Lacking mood, Spell control, No facial expression, House layout"
Recommended September 12
"[Pros] World, Puzzle mechanics, Good clues, Light manipulation [Cons] "Slip out" of 2D, Camera angles, Missing collectibles, Unclear objectives, 3D world movement, Wanted higher res models + textures"
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