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Not Recommended November 19
"Fairly simple game, but the floaty controls and camera make it too chaotic to enjoy. You don't really go anywhere new other than blowing stuff up in the water."
Recommended November 19
"Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is a boss-rush “Soulslike” that feels like you started playing right at the end of a game and missed about 20 hours of gameplay."
Recommended November 19
"An interesting game that makes it seem like you have more choices than you actually do. Ahem, I mean "Choice***.""
Recommended November 4
"With about 4 hours of actual gameplay, this is a quick title that deserves another replay just to pay attention to all of the little details one more time."
Recommended October 30
"There are no puzzles, quizzes, or anything of the sort. You're really just experiencing the story at your pace and having a little "freedom" to experience what you will. "
Recommended October 27
"Exorder is a solid throwback to a time when turn-based strategy games presented a unique challenge and using your smartitude to figure out the “puzzle” of the level and complete it."
Recommended October 24
"The surreal mind program simulation thing ends up being a really unique storytelling device... I did enjoy this title quite a bit for what it was."
Recommended October 14
"Spending about three hours on this game, it is definitely worth playing if you enjoy this genre. While it isn't as "exciting" as other Hidden Object games... it was still quite a bit of fun."
Not Recommended August 26
"Sure, I had fun for a little bit once I got the hang of it, but there's literally nothing else to do or work towards in this game. The game reminds me of a less fun version of Audiosurf ..."
Recommended August 25
"Deiland is a fantastic game. ... Deiland takes a more streamlined and narrative approach to the farming sandbox genre. An extremely charming and interesting game ..."
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