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Not Recommended August 8
"While City of the Shroud has some interesting aspects, it is a complete let down in its execution."
Recommended August 8
"Slam Land is probably a good title to have when going through a bunch of different party games. It has a unique art style, simple-to-understand gameplay, and most importantly, pretty fun."
Not Recommended August 4
"I suppose the music is fine."
Not Recommended July 1
"... the visual effect clutter -- it is beyond bizarre. ... I'd classify this as a game that wants to torture you for the sake of its artsy style."
Recommended June 5
"An amazing follow up to the original game. A lot less emphasis on your personal restaurant, but a designed experience is a lot more fun for me. A lot of new food and the art makes me hungry."
Recommended June 3
"While its not a particularly complex game on its surface, there is a lot of challenge to be had ..."
Recommended May 31
"Fox N Forests is a pretty enjoyable title, and with pretty graphics, responsive controls, and a simple upgrade system, you’ll find there to be a unique challenge with the large levels full of secrets."
Not Recommended May 26
"The gameplay itself is fine, but the game is a chore. ... While the game can be fun at times, overall it is pretty dull. "
Recommended May 12
"The boss battles are really unique challenges and have a more traditional twin-stick shooter vibe."
Recommended April 25
"...despite the game looking like it is “for kids,” the subject matter of love, relationships, and even sex, is definitely not for kids."
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