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For all fans of visual novels – from yuri and yaoi lovers to people who just want a light and fluffy love story, from readers interested in psychological drama to those of us who prefer comedy.

Himawari - The Sunflower -
Recommended July 6, 2018

Himawari is a pure goldmine for fans that will charm you with its emotional story, grand mysteries, loveable characters and great music. Give it a try and enjoy one of the best stories in Steam.

Recommended January 16

Evenicle's quite honest from the very beginning about what type of game it is. If you have nothing against lewd talks, 18+ scenes, and adult humor, then you will most probably really like this title.

Trinoline All Ages Version
Recommended May 14

Visual novel that will be interesting for seasoned fans of this genre and might become a really good start for the newcomers. This is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss and finding your own way.

Peace of Evil
Not Recommended June 16

Good things about Peace of Evil don't make up for its major flaws. A no-buy unless you're ready to deal with incomplete story and questionable writing. A game that could have been amazing but failed.

Cho Dengeki Stryker All Ages Version
Recommended May 9, 2018

Cho Dengeki Stryker has all main features of a good shounen title and even more. There is a lot of action, epic fights, awesome music and absurdly funny moments. Worth every minute of playing!

The Shadows of Pygmalion
Recommended April 26, 2018

The Shadows of Pygmalion has everything that a seasoned fan of visual novels will like, which include a breathtaking story that will make you wonder if the reality is really what it seems.

Kara no Shojo
Recommended November 2, 2018

An iconic visual novel for adults that will lure you in with its seemingly calm atmosphere just to bite you later when you least expect it. Stunning artwork, amazing music, and an unforgettable story.

Steam Prison
Recommended April 10

Steam Prison is a good visual game that will be perfect for readers who are tired of clichéd love stories and want something fresh and mature. Wonderful artwork and music; still, has some issues, too.

Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~
Recommended October 14, 2018

If you want to get some rest from serious stories and dramatic events, then Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ is a good choice. A nice little title worth spending several hours on.

His Chuunibyou Cannot Be Cured!
Recommended April 10, 2018

This game is for people who are not too experienced in visual novels in general and who want to read something simple and cute. It does not contain too much fan service, so *Hooray*!