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Recommended May 5
"Someone spent a lot of time developing this, amazing gameplay, fantastic unique design, open world... fantastic!"
Recommended May 4
"One tank to rule them all - a dynamic tank arcade. An excellent timekiller. Will be an excellent addition to your collection!"
Recommended April 13
"Very nice top-down bullet hell shooter, with 5 different classes, level system and easy controls. Also the devs care about the game, amazing!"
Recommended April 12
"I'm pleased with the game though I didn't immediately figure out how to cope with the army which exceeds yours several times."
Recommended April 6
"The game looks and plays fine. It has good gameplay characteristics. You get to handle three sets of characters. Each with their own distinctive features. 7/10."
Recommended March 4
"In this game you can drive and travel the whole Europe, with lots of countries like Spain, Germany, Russia and much more!"
Recommended March 4
"Remastered version of the original Solenars Edge series. 8 character turned based battle system with the ability to swap between many more characters. A bunch of fun secrets and mini games."
Recommended March 4
"Expect the unexpected is a PC indie RPG, Rogue-like game. The game presentation is simple, but works for this kind of game. The soundtrack is really good. The best game I played in the last month."
Recommended March 3
" Heroes 3 have not died, they continue to live, although the game is not something very popular now, it is played, for the most part, "old men"."
Recommended March 3
" Compared to the original version of 2013, the story did not change. The gamer starts the game in the snowy state of North Yankton with a bank robbery, which is quite traditional for the game series."
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