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Recommended July 4
"It's an entertaining, turn-based strategy game with a hilarious narrator. It's even got multiplayer! What more could you ask for?"
Recommended June 16
"Do some scientific research in the mountains with a cute fox girl and also teach her about the human world ;3 Has Japanese voices synced with Live2D animations."
Recommended June 16
"A lewd, fun loot hunt with nice combat. You can touch everyone's butt, and they will beat you up for it. The characters and environments are very bouncy and vibrant, and the dialogue is hilarious."
Recommended June 10
"Trails in the Sky SC is part of a trilogy and concludes the tale of Estelle And Joshua from the first game. It's twice as long as FC and the story gets more epic the further you play through it."
Recommended May 3
"Very unique roguelike card game. Easy to pickup and highly addictive, with lots of potential decks so there is always somthing new to try. Currently early access but price/time ratio is great! ;3"
Recommended April 18
"An engaging story will keep your attention without feeling stale, and the star VA cast with it's unique visual style does wonders to make the time spent worthwhile."
Recommended March 27
"LOTS of cute waifus, decent rpg gameplay with a fun sort of puzzle-like alchemy system. My only real complaint is the lack of a turbo feature or somthing to speedup combat animations. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ "
Recommended March 25
"A fighting/shmup hybrid that greatly improves upon the previous entry in the series. The dash mechanic turns this into a very unique, very fast paced game. "
Recommended March 20
"For fans of the series, it's pretty good, mostly the same as the first game with some slight changes, so if you liked that and are a fan this could be worth the price."
Recommended February 27
"Plays fairly similarly to the hack and slash nep spinoffs, but I am not here for that, I am here for the neps. For fangirls like me, it is worth the buy. Controller Reccomended, also multiplayer ;3"
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