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Recommended November 12
"Nice adventure game set in the witcher universe, recommended if you like Gwent as thats how all combat is played out. The story is great and has plenty of enjoyable characters."
Recommended November 1
"A collection of incredibly spooky short stories which blend the classic point and click adventure with the VN format seamlessly. Perfect for a night alone~"
Informational October 22
"Missing online features ;w;. Really good for people who like managing armies and don't mind slow-turn based strategy. Also has a solid soundtrack and artstyle."
Recommended October 15
"A charming VN with nice mix of romance, and comedy. It's incredibly engaging and unique story is guaranteed to keep your attention for 30+ hours, with 5 routes and multiple fun little dead ends."
Recommended September 19
"A nice dungeon crawler that won't be for everyone. Iconic artstyle with wierd difficulty spikes and unexpected ways to progress might make or break the game for you ;3."
Recommended September 13
"DQ11 has the charm of a classic JRPG while upholding modern standards. Only gripe is that the midi music is kinda lame. Still, it's excellent for JRPG vets and newbies alike."
Recommended July 25
"A solid action rpg that will not disappoint fans of the series. Fast paced and smooth combat combined with likeable characters and a decent story make for a very worthwhile experience."
Recommended July 23
"A Touhou fan game with simple but immersive ARPG gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and a great soundtrack."
Recommended July 4
"It's an entertaining, turn-based strategy game with a hilarious narrator. It's even got multiplayer! What more could you ask for?"
Recommended June 16
"Do some scientific research in the mountains with a cute fox girl and also teach her about the human world ;3 Has Japanese voices synced with Live2D animations."
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