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Recommended April 16
"A bite-sized piece of teenage melodrama for a satisfying sunny afternoon."
Recommended March 31
"A thoroughly charming, beautiful, delightful RPG that'll have you fall in love with everything it offers. Don't be afraid to hit up a guide when things get tricky, you'll want to see this one through."
Recommended March 12
"Equal parts cute and quirky, Chuchel is a manic point and click filled with beautiful illustration and genuinely laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy."
Recommended January 13
"If you can get past the notable jankiness, this is simply one of the best RPGs ever created. Endlessly adaptable, this game allows you to be exactly the vampire you want to be. Let it consume you."
Recommended January 5
"A perspective-shifting puzzler with unparalleled arabesque art that you'll want to complete in one compelling sitting. Puzzles are just tricky enough to give you a thrill when you crack them."
Recommended January 5
"Three beardy gents set sail in an interactive storybook by way of Wes Anderson. Exceptional nautical adventures await in a visually and musically whimsical world of wonder. I can't stop smiling."
Recommended January 5
"There is a reason why this is one of the more prolific RPGs in gaming history. FFVII gives an unforgettable adventure to save the world from certain devastation with captivating heroes and villains."
Recommended January 5
"Like RTSes? Why are you still reading this!? Get this game. You won't be disappointed. An RTS with rougelike difficulty, They Are Billions challenges you to survive 100 days in a zombie-filled world."
Recommended January 5
"An incredible indie title that cannot be missed. Taking a new spin on turn-based dungeon crawling, this dark fantasy title will push you and your adventurers to the breaking point."
Recommended January 5
"In a era of open world games, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus gives a compelling linear story filled with infamous villains, intense action, and an intriguing alt-history."
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