Only top quality mid-core games - engaging games that respect your time and can be enjoyed right from the start.

Recommended June 20
"One-of-a-kind indie action rpg - be sure to check out the free demo. If you're not into any kind of grind, choose the no-sweat mode and just enjoy the awesome soundtrack and narration."
Recommended March 9
"Don’t be fooled by silly graphics! Slay the Spire is a clever blend of card game and roguelike that gets better every time you play. Still in early access but already extremely playable."
Recommended January 27
"Puzzle games that are challenging, yet not too hard, have an interesting story and great visual are very hard to come by. That's why we're recommending this indie gem from 2008. Has a free demo!"
Recommended December 26, 2017
"Great puzzles make great puzzle games. Slayaway camp has lots of them, and an awesome theme (that you can tone down if it's too gruesome for you). The fast forward arrow hides a neat hint system."
Recommended November 27, 2017
"A movie-meets-game formula that actually works, characters that you actually care for, great visuals, audio and voice acting. What else do you need? Served in tasty bite-sized episodic chunks."
Recommended November 10, 2017
"Throw your toys into the fire, and burn them to stay warm. This is a game that can hardly be compared to anything else. If you’re into quirky strange games, you need to check it out."
Recommended November 10, 2017
"1994 X-Com was an excellent strategy game about fighting alien invasion. A real cult classic, but hardcore and unforgiving. The 2012 remake is modern, epic and much more forgiving."
Informational November 10, 2017
"Such a shame the development of Godus was dropped, because the concept was definitely mid-core and had so much potential. Such, such a shame…"
Recommended November 10, 2017
"Whenever you need a bit of mindless, hypnotizing clicking, look no further than Peggle. Inspired by Japanese Pachinko arcades, this one is equally about skill and luck. Aim steady!"
Recommended November 10, 2017
"A clever and fun strategy game for one or few evenings. Find the right set of traits and mutate your pathogen to spread a disease onto the whole world. No gore, more like an addictive board game."
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