Mostly about story driven indie games and hidden gems with some AAAs thrown into the mix.

Recommended July 14
"Five teenagers going to party on a lovely beach on a former military island. What could possibly go wrong, right? Oxenfree is an an eerie, appealing adventure with lots of heart and snarky dialogues. "
Recommended December 22, 2017
"Experience the dark side of you. How far will you go to protect your loved ones. In a totalitarian state you have to chose between doing the right thing or the thing that keeps you alive."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"Immersive stealth game with beautiful graphics and an engaging story. Thief is not a sequel to the previous titles but a well-done remake."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"What looks like the usual generic warfare shooter at the first sight hits you with a deep story when you don't expect it."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"Deep and engaging story in an intruiging setting. Controls feel a blit clunky at first and the combat takes some time getting used to."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"A wonderful and atmospheric walking simulator with a wonderful, immersive story about grief, escapism and purpose."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"If I had to pick a game that I would call 'almost perfect' this would be it. Wonderful atmosphere and brilliant voice acting makes it the cherry on the cake of an already amazing series."
Recommended December 22, 2017
"A wonderful, eerie game about the Swedish tradition Årsgång. Short, but absolutely worth playing."
Recommended November 5, 2017
"Buy it. Play it. Fall in love with it. And share it. With me, your friends, the world. The Longest Journey Saga is a rare gem in the ocean of video games. Don’t miss it."
Recommended October 31, 2017
"Wonderful sequel to The Longest Journey, despite the clunky controls and awful combat system. Story is worth putting up with it."
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