I really hope my last words will be "10/10".

Recommended July 14
"Prepare your rockets, bullets, turrets and... cows?! Everything goes in this football cup. A really great take on that goes far away from any other football game. 7/10."
Recommended July 14
"Interesting game for all audiences. Despite the name 18+ it just shows pictures of 18 animals, and who doesn't like animals. Complete riddles get achievements - it's easy. 5/10."
Recommended May 20
"Smooth gameplay without any lags and controlls are working right. A well made short memes game. 5/10."
Recommended May 20
"A nice fast pace action platformer where you cruise and fight all your way out with bullets. The characters are well drawn and its a good casual game to play. 8/10."
Recommended May 16
"A new game from the Viki Spotter series, features unique cute design and is family friendly. Recommended. 7/10."
Recommended May 4
"Create and lead your own shop - with unique simple design that also uses pixelart. 6/10,"
Recommended May 3
"Remember the old flash games you played on your browser when you were younger? Well this game lets you remember those times. 7/10."
Recommended April 13
"Deployment is a good looking well optimized bullet-hell competitive top down shooter. Its community is friendly and mature, so you will be happy while playing it. 8/10."
Recommended April 8
"It's not super elaborate, and it has a nice playthrough. I recommend you to try it out. The game isn't expensive either, and it's quite a lot of fun. 7/10."
Recommended April 8
"I found this game to be a bit of an hidden gem. Its nice and fun to play around managing all the stores inside the shopping mall. 7/10"
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