I am here to give reviews, good or bad and try to help players find what they are looking for or even what to avoid. Most curators have a gimmick, I am going to be straight to the point as often as I can be.

Not Recommended August 19
"The game is done an hour in once you build one of everything, after that all there is to do is fix broken urinals and toilets. Lacks engaging content like Prison Architect."
Not Recommended August 18
"A light version of Rise to Ruins and an even lighter version of RimWorld. This game bears no comparison to either as it is not even close to having the same depth."
Recommended August 12
"Very good for a simple game. Great depth from the standpoint of a management game. Needs a better (or existing) tutorial."
Not Recommended July 26
"This would be a terrific phone game if it had basic features such as scroll or zoom. See full review for more details."
Not Recommended July 26
"No help and a very short tutorial make for a frustrating game experience. The concept is fine and could become a good game down the line. Right now it is lacking proper in game information."
Not Recommended July 20
"Boring, lazy and has absolutely no nudity, not even a patch to add it. Even if you only play for the match 3 you will be bored to tears. Every girl just insults you with the same lines over and over."
Recommended July 11
"Like ARK? Looking for a new survival game to scratch that itch? This is it. Good game overall, a lot of fun with friends."
Recommended June 29
"Frustration has never been so fun! As addictive as it is relentless. Read full review for details."
Recommended June 23
"If you buy this, make sure you patch the game from the website, the steam version is out of date. Seems Steam is a very secondary platform for this developer. Good simple and addictive game though."
Recommended June 23
"Still a fun game after all the years this company has bebn putting them out. Addictitve in its simplicity."
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