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Recommended November 3
"Meow motors strongest points is the adorable characters and beautiful graphics. This is an excellent and fun racer but I would personally wait for a sale. Sale or no sale it's still worth trying. "
Recommended October 15
"It does try to mix a few game elements that aren't often mixed which is fun but it just came off as too repetitive with too little of content to justify the asking price. Get it on a heavy sale."
Recommended October 7
"This is an excellent little experience. You actually care to be engrossed in seeing what happens to the characters and in the story. If the price seems high wait for a sale but this is a great title."
Recommended October 2
" Promising first title from new developer using Ren'Py. Try out the free demo to see if you enjoy it. The three to five hours play finding everything is nice enough for the price but better on sale. "
Recommended September 23
"If you enjoy deep story with detailed combat mechanics and a gameplay experience that's generally not like the normal experience pick this one up. "
Recommended August 22
"An excellent built world and lore with a fair chunk of optimization and progress issues. An overall meh feeling. It's hard to recommend full price for it; but with patches and sale it could be worth. "
Not Recommended August 10
"For the concept I can recommend this one. The idea has merit and is interesting enough there just isn't enough to warrant the price. Keep an eye on it during sales and follow for updates."
Recommended July 30
"This is a pretty fun title once you get used to the way the mechanics work. You will be exploring a huge map of 600 rooms and solving the mystery slowly. I can easily recommend this one. "
Recommended July 13
"This game will give you a lot of challenge. The idea is fun but there seems to be a lot of guessing and tweaking. So this game may not be for completionists; but I can recommend during a good sale. "
Recommended June 28
"This game has a great artstyle, interesting characters, and a nice amount of humor. Although this game is a bit short taking only around an hour and a half to complete it is well worth the play. "
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