My name is TotalBiscuit and I run youtube.com/cynicalbrit. I work fulltime as a PC gaming critic and focus on PC specific issues. I create lengthy videos on indie and AAA titles.

Recommended January 23
"A Magicka-like brawler in which you use spells to fight your enemies but more often than not, blow up your friends. Beautiful art, tons to unlock and a hilarious multiplayer experience."
Recommended January 19
"Bigger, better, slicker, quicker and with a real purpose to the campaign, Warhammer 2 is a big hunk of game with a lot to offer and plenty more to come."
Recommended November 29, 2017
"A pure-skill, top down arena team battle game. Satifying, deep gameplay meets relatively short matches in a game that's purely PvP with everyone on a level-playing field."
Recommended November 25, 2017
"It's part side-scrolling brawler and part match-3 puzzle, in the guise of a competitive cook-off game in which you must murder monsters and then cook them into delicious dishes."
Recommended October 7, 2017
"Been a rough road for this game through early access but its now the Road Rash spiritual successor we wanted. An ultra-violent, highly replayable motorbike racing game with plenty to unlock."
Recommended October 2, 2017
"A contender to dethrone DOTA as Steams premier misery simulator. A difficult 2d boss-rush game with gorgeous aesthetic and soundtrack inspired by old Disney cartoons. You will die, a lot."
Recommended September 29, 2017
"It's a fully featured product, with tons of single and multiplayer content. This is the definitive version of a very approachable, accessible fighting game."
Recommended September 15, 2017
"A successful attempt to boil down RTS to its essence without complex controls. Heavily armed animals murder each other for food. Excellent multiplayer, skirmish and lengthy campaign."
Recommended September 4, 2017
"A fleet tactics game telling a canon story in the Battlestar Galactica universe. A clunky interface does little to dampen an immersive BSG experience with excellent music and aesthetic."
Recommended August 30, 2017
"The historically accurate bowling/tower defense game returns. Everythings bigger and better than the first, the games cutscenes are all hilarious, the gameplay is improved, 4 player. It rocks."
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