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Recommended February 27
"One of those rare prequels that eclipses its source material. A must-play if you enjoyed the original Life is Strange."
Recommended February 27
"Bugs, mechs, and time travel! ITB is turn-based strategy distilled down to its essence where you have perfect information before you make each decision. Ben Prunty also delivers on the soundtrack!"
Recommended February 27
"An undersea survival adventure with an honest-to-gods story, excellent pacing, and a ton of personality. Quite possibly the only survival game that's improved by being single player only. Recommended!"
Recommended August 12, 2017
"From the makers of Kingdom of Loathing, a Western where Beanslingers, Cow Punchers, and Snake Oilers battle demonic cows, track down evil clowns, and find treasure in spitoons. Absolutely hilarious."
Recommended August 9, 2017
"With some of the best Metroidvania-style action we've seen in years, Hollow Knight is fantastic. Creepy world design, tons of exploration, and satisfying combat make this one a keeper."
Recommended March 14, 2017
"A delightful real-time take on Nethack, one of the original roguelikes, with some of the best random dungeon generation we've ever seen."
Recommended February 18, 2017
"A bite-sized tale of murder, revenge, and really large hats."
Recommended February 18, 2017
"Bizarre and touching at the same time. Maxine Caulfield is the kind of heroine we need more of in our stories."
Recommended February 18, 2017
"Lonely, brutal, and atmospheric, The Long Dark represents the best of the survival genre today."
Recommended February 18, 2017
"Murder-puzzles have never been this much fun. HITMAN's level design and sandbox-style gameplay are some of the best in the industry, and free content updates make it all the better!"
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