Why are we still limited to max 4 players in offline multiplayer games? We have powerful PCs, lots of controllers, big TVs and a comfy couch: here's a list of local multiplayer games for more than 4 friends!

Informational May 23
"Demolition derby death-match multiplayer up to 8 local players, same screen! "
Informational May 21
"2d side view soccer for 2 to 8 local players. Verified to work with 8 XBox360 controllers. Same screen."
Informational May 15
"Fighting game for up to 8 local players in free for all, team match, score match and practice. Online 1vs1. Same screen."
Informational May 12
"Tiny tanks on a platform with destructible structures. Party game with lots of game modes and modifiers. Up to 8 players local or online. Same screen."
Informational April 16
"Bomberman inspired game. "32- player cross-platform multiplayer either local, online, or combined." Multiple game modes. Same screen."
Informational April 7
"Blobs fighting. Up to 8 local players. Same screen."
Informational March 20
"3D snake game. 1-8 local players. 8 controllers and 2 keyboard players supported. Split screen."
Informational March 16
"Mow lawns (and other players). Up to 8 players. 4 shared gamepads = 8 players. 4 keyboard players supported. Same screen."
Recommended March 16
"It's Bomberman. It has 8 local players. Same screen multiplayer. You know it will be fun! Unfortunately it's quite expensive, but still recommended if you can buy it on sale for cheap!"
Informational March 16
"One button game supporting up to 60 players. Check simultaneous key press limit of your keyboard or plug in extra keyboards. Same screen."
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