Games inspired by Dark Souls, or otherwise share similar gameplay. Will hopefully sate your thirst while waiting for From Software's next release!

Informational November 26, 2017
"The game has been very open about being a more story-driven take on the Souls formula. Have yet to buy it because I'm a cheapskate, but I'm glad to see it finally come to PC."
Recommended March 22, 2017
"From the developers of Lords of the Fallen, The Surge is a sci-fi RPG with mechanics that look to be very similar to LotF, and by extension, the Souls games."
Recommended March 19, 2017
"A top-down hack n' slash game that takes inspiration directly from the Souls series. Features heavy amounts of dodging that requires good timing and quick thinking."
Recommended October 9, 2016
"The similarities to Dark Souls are a bit of a stretch, but all the Steam reviews love pointing them out, so I suppose it belongs on this list."
Recommended September 25, 2016
"An action RPG with a semi-retro 3D aesthetic that takes lots of cues from Dark Souls. Bonfires, lock-on, 1v1 focused combat, etc."
Recommended July 5, 2016
"Refillable health potions and "bonfire" style checkpoints. A bit of a stretch, but I haven't made a recommendation in a while."
Recommended May 14, 2016
"Just look at that UI. LOOK AT IT. Obvious Souls influence."
Recommended May 10, 2016
"Probably the most well known Souls-like besides LotF and the Souls games themselves. Dark Souls, now in 2D!"
Recommended February 3, 2016
"Rogue-lite Souls-like; has been described as a mix between Dark Souls and Binding of Isaac."
Recommended January 30, 2016
"Been referred to as "Dark Souls with mice." Uses mechanics such as the stamina bar and bonfires, indicating a clear Souls influence."
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