Fatal Hour: The MiniGame Bundle

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Informace o balíčku

With the release of the second chapter minigame in the Fatal Hour series, we're proud to offer both minigames in a single bundle.

Both of these minigames are a prologue to the full game, which is planned for release in Q2 2019. The minigames share the same base engine and could be described as single level Tower Defence (Petroleum) and single level Tower Offense (Roadkill). Both games are about placing and moving your characters around to fend off hordes of zombies. In Petroleum, the goal is to survive for a certain amount of time, while in Roadkill the goal is to fight your way through a Zombie-infested town in the shortest amount of time possible.

In these chapter minigames, you follow a group of individuals in a post-zombieapocalyptic environment as they are trying to find a safe haven for survivors by localizing the origin of an automated radio transmission.

Položky obsažené v tomto balíčku

Fatal Hour: Petroleum
  Akční, Nenáročné, Nezávislé, Strategické
Fatal Hour: Roadkill
  Nezávislé, Strategické
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Zakoupit Fatal Hour: The MiniGame Bundle BALÍČEK (?)