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Get all 3 of our games in this great value bundle. If you already own one of our games purchasing this bundle will complete the set.

Zombie Soldier - Face off as the Zombie Soldier against the undead army. Explore graveyards and army bases to eradicate them all. Shoot, jump and destroy in this simple retro styled 2.5D metroidvania throwback game. A casual yet challenging introduction to the Zombie Soldier world.

Midnightland - The Skullmaster (An X B-Movie Horror Actor) is building an amusement park like no other that opens at midnight every night. He has just set up shop and is working on new attractions and building more fun ways for you to die...I mean fun things to enjoy.

EggK47™ - EggK47™ is a retro styled, addictive, and fast paced single player shoot 'em up featuring a hero chicken and it's gun!

Артикули, включени в този комплект

  Екшъни, Неангажиращи, Независими, Симулатори
  Екшъни, Независими, Ранен достъп
Zombie Soldier
  Екшъни, Независими
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Закупуване на Lorag Games КОМПЛЕКТ (?)