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Get ready to sweat!

The Thrill of the Fight and Virtual Fighting Championship have teamed up to offer the best of aspects online and offline VR hand-to-hand fighting in one bundle. Build your real-world stamina, reaction, and skill in The Thrill of the Fight's simulation style boxing against increasingly difficult AI opponents. Then take what you've learned online in Virtual Fighting Championship and brawl with other players across the globe as one of several unique characters with their own attributes and abilities.

Grab your water bottle, turn on a fan, and become the world champion!

Enter the ring!

The Thrill of the Fight is a room-scale VR boxing game. Face off in the virtual ring where you'll jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. Grab your gloves, step through the ropes, and become a champion.

Test your mettle!

【Virtual Fighting Championship】 Don't rub your eyes, it's true. A VR fist based melee combat game featuring PvP game mode is here.
Taste what it's like to be in a cage fight!

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The Thrill of the Fight - VR Boxing
VR Only  Action, Sports
Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)
VR Only  Action, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Early Access
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