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Hey there, Angler!
New to Fishing Planet and can't wait to get access to new fishing destinations? How about getting the tackle for a real predator hunt without having to wait?
Yup, it’s possible RIGHT NOW with this amazing Fishing Planet Lucky Bundle!

The goodies in this exclusive Lucky Bundle for our new Fishing Planet friends include Lucky Start Pack and Golden Dragon Pack.

Lucky Start Pack includes all the necessary tackle, pond passes, equipment, fishing licenses and even Premium Account that’ll help you advance faster and get the most out of your fishing experience!

As your fishing endeavours become more daring with new challengefull adventures to come, empower yourself with the mighty Golden Dragon Pack and unravel the fishing mysteries of the Chosen few! Featuring a deadly combination of tackle, equipment and even a Kayak - all decorated in the theme of the world’s most powerful legendary creature - the Golden Dragon Pack will back you with the support of ancient omnipotent forces!

But even with the Lucky Bundle power on your side, remember that true skills and good technique are the best lucky charm an angler can have!

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Fishing Planet: Lucky Start Pack
  Chơi miễn phí, Nhiều người chơi, Giả lập, Thể thao
Fishing Planet: Golden Dragon Pack
  Chơi miễn phí, Nhiều người chơi, Giả lập, Thể thao
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Mua Fishing Planet Lucky Bundle BỘ (?)