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Now you can own every our game at a great low price! This "complete set" contains the following games:


Degrees - racing game with two modes: single and multiplayer mode for 4 players. With a view from above, you control the victim machine on the map, which is pursued by hunters. Escape them and hide in the bushes, so it will be harder for them to find you. With each successful avoidance, you will get points. After 100 000 points is collected, you will win. The principle of playing multiplayer is the same, but the hunter becomes the one who created the lobby.

- many achievements
- light music
- beautiful graphics
- unforgettable adventure
- easy management
- two game modes

Underwater hunting

Dive into the underwater world. These river predators are truly notorious - river killers, bloodthirsty bandits, river hyenas, sharks. And it is always starving.

It has to hunt for very fast and very secretive fish, which are hidden at the bottom of the sea, in the thickets of algae. But you need to reach them, to swim in inaccessible places, which can also hide the danger. Sea monsters will want to eat your fish and will hunt for it. So try to stay away from them.

When you eat other fish, you accumulate rage, which will give an advantage in the passage of the game together. Four players can participate in the co-op mode. Whoever creates the game automatically becomes a piranha. To win in multiplayer piranha should not let the fish to find the key. The fish itself, would have to find the key and stand near it for a while to win. Good luck everyone !!!

Peculiar properties:
-nice graphics;
- easy mouse control ;
- interesting gameplay;
- light music;
- unforgettable adventure;
- availability in 2 languages;
- two game modes.

Escape from pyramid

By name we already have an idea of ​​what we will be doing in this game. It would seem all simple - find a way out of the pyramid and you're free. But still it only seems so. But in fact our hero will face some difficulties and even dangers along the way to the exit from the pyramid. So, what awaits us in the gloomy and intricate rooms of the majestic construction of the ancient Egyptians? You have to wade through the dark labyrinths of the pyramid. Be careful, there are many traps ahead. Especial danger is represented by iron sharpened blades, which can be anywhere. Go around and jump over them, otherwise you will die. You'll have to jump a lot on small stone blocks to get to the exit. Concentrate on them all your attention, otherwise start all over again.

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a single player game with elements of survival. The main character will have to collect all the items, navigate through moving and static platforms to reach the next level. Player needs to think through each step. Beware of hostile characters, do not step on spikes and avoid falling icicles.
The essence of the game is to collect all the gifts at a level, after which you go to the next level. Good luck!


-Interesting and simple gameplay.

-Beautiful graphics.
-Animated graphs.
-Simple, fun gameplay.
-Unforgettable adventures

Big Surprise

BIG surprise is an adventure action game where you will play as Santa Claus. Insidious villains will try to destroy Santa's plans and prevent the arrival of Christmas, and you will have a lot of work to do: collect all the gifts and give them to the children. Unusual dealer will help you - Death. He can buy missing gifts, snow as well, which you will use to deal with enemies.

- atmospheric world
- many achievements
- cute characters
- light music
- beautiful graphics
- unforgettable adventure

Last Fort

Last Fort is a game where you have to capture the enemy forts. Military operations takes place both on water and inside the forts. Ships are protecting approaches to the fort. Maneuver to avoid enemy fire and fire back.
Your task will be to collect ammunition for the ship, to fight with the enemy in order to secure a victory on the water and free access to the fort. As a naval officer, clear the fort from the enemy.
Destroying all enemies, you will win complete power on land and sea.


- Interesting and simple gameplay.
- Beautiful graphics.
- Animated graph.
- Simple and fun gameplay.
- Unforgettable adventure

Planet jump

Planet jump Is a game in which you'll destroy enemies by jumping on them.As well as jumping over all sorts of dangers gradually get to the end of the level and this is your main task to open the next level but do not forget that in each level you will have more and more difficult to achieve to the next.
Features this game also has:
- it is available in 2 languages;
- Interesting and simple gameplay;
- variety of worlds.
And all this awaits you in the"Planet jump".

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Underwater hunting
  Adventure, Indie, RPG
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