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The Tribloos 2 and 3

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Get Tribloos 2 & Tribloos 3 in this fantastic value for money bundle. That's over 200 levels of Time Management fun to be had.

In Tribloos 2 the storms are coming! Matilda the dragon is doing her best to keep the storms at bay but even a huge dragon will tire eventually. It's up to Trey and the gang to leave Tribloo Island and attempt to discover the source of this unusual weather pattern.

Then in Tribloos 3 the island is under attack, but this time from an army of evil birds! They're trying to take the Tribloos captive for unknown reasons and during the attack Brainy is kidnapped. The Tribloos split up to find out where Brainy and the others were taken but things might not be quite as straightforward as they thought...

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Tribloos 2
  Неангажиращи, Независими, Стратегии
Tribloos 3
  Неангажиращи, Независими, Стратегии
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Закупуване на The Tribloos 2 and 3 КОМПЛЕКТ (?)