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Discover the secrets of an ancient decaying world as you bring it back to life with each flick of your wrist. Curve and swoop planes towards targets and accurately angle every throw - each tiny twitch of the wrist can drastically alter your plane’s course.

Steer your planes through hoops on the way to targets, curve them into mind-bending teleportation points, and master the art of paper plane throwing in virtual reality. Paper Valley’s eight lusciously designed levels will test your skills, ramping up the difficulty as you attempt to unearth the mysterious history of the Paper Valley.

Paper Valley features:
- Gradually increasing levels of difficulty
- A refined, satisfying control mechanic that is easy to pick up yet difficult to master
- No game over - enjoy the challenge at your own pace
- Multiple plane types to choose from
- 8 unique levels to explore
- A captivating backstory subtly hidden within the levels for you to discover and interpret

Winner of the Famitsu Media Highlight Award at BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan 2017.

Soundtrack information:
Paper Valley's soundtrack was composed by VITEI Backroom's own Alex May. Drawing influences from 90's ambient electronica, it was inspired by artists from the early days of sampling technology such as The Future Sound of London. All sounds were sourced from 90's Japanese hardware synthesizers, and were sampled and sequenced in Renoise, a tracker style sequencer.

Track listing:
1. Song of the Giants (4:42)
Heard at the end of the game, this song brings to epic conclusion the player's journey and the rejuvenation of the Valley.

2. Tree of Life (3:35)
A remaster of the music heard each time the player returns to visit the Tree of Life.

3. Valley's Return (26:40)
An amazing journey through the Valley! All the gameplay background music is combined into a relaxing, evocative 26 minute ambient soundscape.

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