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Almost* all the AirMech content in one convenient (and discounted) bundle. You can play AirMech Strike for free of course, but when you are ready to unlock the entire AirMech world this is the collection you want.

Bundle includes:

* AirMech Strike Starter Pack - all AirMech classes unlocked, permanent VIP status, 7,500 Diamonds, 25,000 Kudos, and 20 days of Boosts
* AirMech Prime - Exclusive Prime Helix, Prime badge/status ingame, 10,000 Diamonds, 100,000 Kudos, and 60 days of Boosts (additive)
* AirMech Original Soundtrack by Front Line Assembly - full studio album inspired by the game plus the exclusive Frontline Warthog and 4 collectible Pilots
* AirMech Wastelands - a cooperative action RPG where you fight across the war torn world to reclaim it. Level up and gear up your mechs, build a massive army in a game focused on PvE and gear instead of the competitive PvP of AirMech Strike. Unique progression system intertwined with the AirMech Strike inventory and playerbase.
* AirMech Wastelands Soundtrack by Front Line Assembly (WarMech) - soundtrack for Wastelands, includes exclusive Frontline Striker and more

Why isn't AirMech Command included? Being a VR-only game, the math doesn't work out where having it in the bundle even at a discount is fair. So while we'd love to have it here to make it really feel like "everything" AirMech in one place, we decided to leave it out.

* Does not include AirMech Command or retired bundles from when AirMech Strike was in Early Access (Alpha Bundle, Beta Bundle).

Articles inclus dans ce pack

AirMech Strike Pack
  Action, Gratuit, Indépendant, Stratégie
AirMech® Soundtrack
  Action, Gratuit, Indépendant, Stratégie
AirMech® Prime
  Action, Gratuit, Indépendant, Stratégie
AirMech Wastelands
  Action, Indépendant, RPG, Stratégie
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