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Enjoy classic indie hit The Polynomial: Space Of The Music and support the sequel during Early Access period.
Polynomial 2 is a 3D fractal arcade space shooter with music visualization;
it has been described as being a mix of Rez, Geometry Wars and Freelancer.
Polynomial 2 features new game modes, enemies, bosses, full controller support, optional VR support, audio capture and visual improvements.

The Polynomial reviews:
“I could easily look at this game all day”

“...the prettiest screenshots in the world.”

“This is less a game and more of synapse-melting visualization experience, where you stare into the alluring psychedelic void of possibilities, never quite sure where you're going or whether you'll ever come back.”

Polynomial 2 Early Access reviews:
“Polynomial 2 combines its visually stunning universe with fast shooting action to create a game that’s an incredible showcase for the VR experience.”

“Polynomial 2 Aims to Hold You in a Musical VR Trance”

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The Polynomial - Space of the music
  Action, Casual, Indie
Polynomial 2 - Universe of the Music
VR Supported  Action, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
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Buy The Polynomial 1&2 BUNDLE (?)