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Two Sky Trail adventure games together in a bundle with a 10% discount!

A Collection of Bad Moments is an adventure game where the player discovers themselves in various tough situations and must use their wits to figure a way out! The moments vary from a deadly asteroid mission and mysterious virtual reality simulation to an airship duel! Released 12 January 2018.

Trajectory is a first person scifi adventure game that takes place in Earth's orbit, with a dystopian yet whimsical setting. The game has multiple endings and a variety of exotic locations in space and beyond. Released 10 March 2017.

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Με υποστήριξη VR  Δράσης, Περιπέτειας
A Collection of Bad Moments
  Δράσης, Περιπέτειας
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Αγορά Sky Trail Adventure Pack ΠΑΚΕΤΟ (?)