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RideOp is a new simulation game that puts you in control of some of the biggest and most thrilling theme park rides in the world.

Open the gates, check the restraints and give all your guests the most unforgettable experience! With full control of the ride's motion, you can offer a unique journey every ride.

Watch out for the safety of your guests! Make sure the loading and unloading gates are properly close, all the restraints are locked and checked and make sure the intensity of the ride is not set to "astronaut's training program" or you might find an unpleasant surprise on the floor from one or more of your guests that you will have to take care of.

As in real life, weather will play an important factor in some rides. High speed winds could endanger the safety of your riders so the ride's computer will shut down the system if the meteorology makes impossible to operate the ride safely.

Are you up for the challenge? Explore the different game modes and complete all your duties in the time given to earn experience points. Don't make the guests wait too much in the queue or they could start to run out of Instagram photos to like on their phones and start complaining!

Now it's your turn to create thrilling experiences!

This Deluxe Edition Pack includes:

-The complete RideOp game.

- Exclusive ride "Disk'o Coaster". Put your guests through a hurricane of emotions with this fun and enjoyable ride. Control the spin as well as the lateral movement with speeds up to 70km/h!

- In-game soundtrack: Now you can implement songs to your gameplay. Choose between a selection of songs with different styles to make the best of your experience.

- Free expansion pack: Get free access to our first RideOp's DLC.

- 10 High Resolution desktop backgounds from the game. With 4K image resolution now you can look at your favourite ride every time you turn on the computer!

Some of these features will become gradually available during the Early Access and Full Release period of the game and may not be immediately included at the time of purchase.

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RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator
  Casual, Simulation, Strategy
RideOp - Deluxe Edition Upgrade
  Casual, Simulation, Strategy
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