The Unliving - Founder's Pack

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The Unliving Founder’s Pack:

The Unliving Founder’s Pack is the ultimate bundle of extra goodies for people, who want to take the extra mile in supporting RocketBrush Studio, the developers standing behind The Unliving. Join the necromancer on an epic journey to discover his tragic but monumental past and punish the disciples of Zolar.

The Unliving Founder’s Pack includes:

The Unliving game

The Art of The Unliving – beautifully illustrated digital artbook, filled with concept art, sketches, and in-game graphics from The Unliving.

The Unliving Soundtrack – 10 in-game music tracks to help you feel like a necromancer, even if you’re afk!

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The Unliving
  Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
The Unliving Soundtrack
The Unliving - Digital Artbook
  Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
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Buy The Unliving - Founder's Pack BUNDLE (?)