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A Kawaii Kana Match-Em Up.

Are you sick of educational games that are glorified pop-quizzes? Do you just want to play an awesome game and have a new real world skill at the end of it? Do you want to learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana?

Well then, Kana Quest is for you!

"But how does it work" I hear you think. Excellent question! In Japanese, each phonetic letter is called a Kana. Kana that have a shared sound will match. When all Kana in a level are connected by matches, it will be complete.

Key Features:
Beautiful pixel art
Over 300 challenging puzzle levels
Hiragana and Katakana included
Great way to learn for beginners of Japanese
Still a great puzzle game for people who know Japanese
No pop quizzes

The Kana Quest Original Sound Track
By the amazing Julian Sanchez (aka ZorsySan) and incredible Leina Burton.

The music is a stylistic mash up of Chiptunes, Enka (slightly old fashioned Japanese musical style), JPop, and Modern Jazz.

14 Tracks
Full Length: 55:45

The perfect music to listen to on your quest to learn Japanese.

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Kana Quest
  Casual, Indie, Strategy
Kana Quest Soundtrack
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