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About this bundle

This game is a puzzle adventure game with a horror atmosphere.
The experience of high quality graphics will give you the illusion that you are there!

Part 1 is based on the corrupted hospital and there are hints and puzzles everywhere.
And there are zombies-controlled by the witch.
those are chasing you!
There are clues that for finding the witch and you have to escape in hospital.
You have to be brave to escape from an urgent situation!

Part2 is Silent Mansion where a mystery place with a beautiful atmosphere.
It's a puzzle-based game where players can experience fear.
You found the witch's clues in Hospital and you arrive at the Silent Mansion than you have to chase whitch with clues.
The witch's servants will block you.

Each game includes an event stage, so please clear all the stories and check in the main menu and we hope you enjoy the event stage

This Series is a game where the story continues.
This is a package made for those who want to buy all series.
It's low price than purchase separately and if you write review on all of these series store page, we're having a "Review Free Code" event, so please refer to the Notice.

Thank you.

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Silent Mansion : Summoner VR Part2
VR Only  Action, Adventure, Indie
Corrupted Hospital : Summoner VR Part1
VR Only  Action, Adventure, Indie
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