1979 Revolution & Fire Escape

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Experience story-rich narrative games developed by iNK Stories, including the award-winning 1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY, and the episodic thriller FIRE ESCAPE.

Based on real events and eyewitness testimonies.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a choice driven, narrative game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. Play as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist, and make life and death decisions as you survive the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970’s.

In this authentic, historically accurate, stunningly engaging experience -- you must decide who to trust and what you stand for -- as the world is set ablaze around you.

Available to play on both Steam VR (Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and Non-VR (Windows, no headset required).

A neo-Hitchock murder mystery set in Brooklyn. When the clock strikes eight, a suspenseful thriller begins to unfold in real time. Watch closely from the fire escape as your suspicious neighbors embroil you in a simmering, interactive crime. Immerse yourself in this binge-able interactive thriller, told in three 20-min episodes.

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday
  Action, Adventure, Indie
Fire Escape
VR Supported  Adventure, Casual, Indie
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