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Welcome to the jungle!
The 1960s are calling and it's not Flower Power! During his tour in Vietnam, your brother went missing in action and you have decided to enlist so you can discover the truth behind his disappearance at all cost. However, will you be able to survive one of the most brutal conflicts in the history of the modern world?

Collection edition includes:

  • Official soundtrack
  • Artbook with graphics and references

1. "When I was young" game Soundtrack by KuzinMuzin

The album includes 14 tracks in ".mp3 " format, as well as in high-quality format ".wav".
If you don't want to download large files, check your client's settings: Steam --> Settings --> Music --> Download high-quality audio files.

2. Digital Artbook

48 pages including covers about When I was young game with pixel arts, historic references and other.
After purchase, the Artbook is located in the folder with the game: Properties --> Local files --> Browse local files --> "WIWY artbook.pdf"

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When I was young Artbook
  Action, Adventure, Indie
When I Was Young Soundtrack
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