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The Cold War was not won with diplomacy. It was instead won by many successful international military, diplomacy and espionage operations conducted by the United States and the Soviet Union.

This The Cold War Era bundle gives you command of the world’s greatest superpowers and the ideological might behind them. Including the first core game game and the sequel with four expansions, this package includes the historical Cold War experience as well as many alternate history unpredictable paths.

Relying on a clean and simple map-based game interface, TCWE is easy to play for gamers of all age and skill levels.

The Cold War Era

TCWE is a single player RTS strategy game based on the epic conflict between the Americans and the Soviets spanning the 1950s through the 1990s. Within one hour of gameplay you will course through four decades of contention, paranoia, secrecy, and the overarching the "us vs. them" mentality.

Arms Race

Arms Race - is a single player two options ( RTS or Turn Base ) sequel to TCWE game with many additional features such as - extended game play time, brand new world map, 3D animated representations of the events, new re-designed Space Race technology tree, global Consequences (some of them are based on real historical events), military technology tree (with realistic American and Soviet units), geographical identification for states ( important for military ).


This DLC for Arms Race brings nuclear power to the game and provides a new game winning option - nuclear destruction.


This DLC for Arms Race provides a new great experience to the game – construction of Cooperative Industrialization Project (CIP). CIP can be constructed between two countries and increase country score value.

United Nations

This DLC provides a greatly improved diplomacy experience in the game and allows you to feel the SuperPower of words in United Nations. United Nations DLC helps to spread global influence of your SuperPower, or decrease global influence of your foe. Also it helps you to stop any war globally, or vise versa, to initiate intervention.


Politics DLC provides a new game feature - election among real and the most brightest politicians of USA and USSR during Cold War

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The Cold War Era
  Indie, Simulatoare, Strategie
Arms Race - TCWE
Armageddon - TCWE
Industrialization - TCWE
United Nations - TCWE
Politics - TCWE
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