Your Steam Store,
Updated and Evolving
With new tools, features and functionality, your customizable Steam Store page has been updated to give you even more control over your browsing experience.

Below is a look at what’s new in this update.
Quick Access
More direct links to common destinations. Plus, sections you probably didn’t even know we had.
Now in the upper-right corner of every game image you will find a quick menu of options including quick access to your Preferences, allowing you to further customize your Steam shopping experience.

Edit your preferences
Great Deals
Looking for the hottest offers on Steam? This section shows you the featured sales, discounts, as well as recommended specials.
More Informative
The new Highlights section shows more information about each game, why it was recommended, and by whom. Plus, this section uses new logic to determine what to show based on your playtime, what your friends recommend, what curators you follow, and more.
Recently Viewed
Quickly get back to products you’ve been browsing.
Friends Activity
Whether it’s a hot new release, joining a special event, or getting back into a game that was recently updated, now it’s easy to tell what your friends are excited about.

See all friend activity
Discovery Queue
Explore a personalized mix of products that are new, top-selling, and similar to what you play on Steam. Use the controls on each product page to easily follow, add to wishlist, or mark as ignored.

See your discovery queue
Big Blue buttons
Pretty exciting, right? These are some of the most common destinations in the Steam store, so we’re making them easy to get to.
Expanded Curators
If you are following Steam curators, we’ve added a clickable preview of their latest reviews and recommendations.

See Curator Home Page
Your updated games
Now personalized to show just the recently updated games in your library or wishlist.
Lists, personalized
Popular New Releases, Top Sellers, Upcoming, Specials. Now these lists filter out items you own, as well as tags or titles you’ve marked as ‘ignored.’
More personalization
Most lists across the store, including this section, are now personalized to filter out games you own or marked 'ignored'.
Offers and events
Tired of missing the new release info and sales tips shown when you start or exit a game? They have a home now, visit any time.
More to browse
Keep scrolling, we’ll keep showing more recommendations based on what you’re playing, what your friends recommend, and what’s on your wishlist.
More Recent Updates
The new features and improvements mentioned above are the latest in an effort to continually improve the Steam experience. Below are a few highlights from the numerous updates made to the store in the past few months.
Steam Curator Updates
November, 2016
If you follow Steam Curators, you can now browse their recent reviews on a new Steam Curator home page.

Plus, curators can now indicate whether they recommend the game or not, or are simply providing information.

See Your Curator Home Page
New on Steam Page
July 20, 2016
We added a specific ‘new on steam’ page with a queue of new releases, allowing you to step back through the entire Steam catalog.

The page also features New Top Sellers, New content for your games, and recommended new releases.

Visit New On Steam Page
Queue Customization
June, 2016
The Discovery Queue has been a great way to discover new, popular, and recommended titles that you might not have expected. We’ve further expanded the queue to allow you to filter out products with specific tags or to exclude other types of products you’ve marked ‘ignored’.

Go To Your Queue
User Review Updates
May, 2016
We’ve been iterating a bunch on User Reviews since we first released them. The most recent update posted a snapshot of what reviews look like for the most recent 30 days, providing an idea of what the current state of a game might be. This update also added a new list of the most recent reviews so that the newest customer opinions can be easily found.
Local Top-Sellers
March, 2016
Steam has always had a list showing the global top-selling games. But over time we found that tastes in some countries were really different from the global top-sellers.

As a result, customers in some countries now see a local top-sellers list by default.

Go To Top Sellers
Expanded Localization Support
March, 2016
A series of updates added more ways to see and filter content around your language preferences. This includes:
  • Letting customers that speak more than one language be able to specify in which language(s) they wish to view content.
  • Adding support for game developers to post announcements in multiple languages.
  • Filtering User Reviews based on customers’ preferred languages.

Edit Language Preferences
Wishlist Notifications
March, 2016
By default, we now send you an e-mail when one or more of the items on your Steam wishlist goes on sale or has been released.

We’ll also notify you on your phone if you have the Steam mobile app installed and notifications turned on.
Start Exploring Now
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