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Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator
Simulation, RPG, City Builder, Life Sim
American Truck Simulator - Montana
Simulation, Indie, Driving
Hard West 2
Turn-Based Strategy, Western, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics
Free To Play
Deadwater Saloon Prologue
Simulation, Building, Management, RPG
Action, Fighting, Party, Multiplayer
Roguelite, Co-op, Management, Building
Ancient Gods
Card Battler, Turn-Based Tactics, Roguelite, Dungeon Crawler
Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim™
Psychological Horror, Dating Sim, Visual Novel, Choose Your Own Adventure
Last Call BBS
Puzzle, Automation, Retro, 1990's
Star Valor
Space, Action, RPG, Sandbox
Spellbook Demonslayers Prologue
Action Roguelike, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up, Top-Down Shooter
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