Product Update - Valve
The update will be applied automatically when you start A.V.A.

• [Escort] White Out (Advance)
• [Annihilation] Stadium

• EURO Capsule: Rx4 Raffin (For Rifleman Class)
• Pre-Release Capsule: ARX160 (For Rifleman Class)

• Character Vasily Zaytsev (For Sniper Class)
• Vasily Zaytsev Package
- Package Includes: Vasily Zaytsev (30d) + Mosin Nagant (Perm) + Desert Eagle (Perm) + Eva Doll Grenade (30d) + Magazine Upgrade A and B (30d) + full Iyan Armor Set (30d)
• MSG90A1 MOD0 (For Sniper Class)
• Extra Ammo (Add Item)

• Added Clan Championship System
- Introducing the feature with a one month Test Season.
• Added selectable Field of View options:
- The FOV can now be configured in the Option Menu for 90 and 85 degree
• Added In-game Network Status

• Added female NPCs for AI Missions
- You can now fight with and against Lei and Ginny
• Improved gameplay for AI Missions
- Balanced the NPC boss' weapons for each side
- Removed the female NPC in Mercenary Mode
• Improved Mercenary AI Annihilation
- Increased HP of basic mercenaries from 90 to 1000
- Improved ability of Pointman and Rifleman mercenaries to +1 in all parts
- Character skinned Sniper mercenaries are nerfed (Shooting rate 0.4 sec -> 0.6 sec / ammo 20 -> 10)
- Nerfed Eva's Barrett ability
- Fixed M249 death icon
• Revised class acceleration time
- Changed acceleration for Sniper class from 1.6 to 1.45
- Changed acceleration for Rifleman class from 1.8 to 1.6
- No change in acceleration for Pointman class 2.0
- The acceleration times will be adjusted with further patches until the best balance is confirmed by the developer.
• Improved Co-op Gameplay
• Changed grenade and bullet traces to time based system
• Optimized bloodstain effects

• Optimized the CPU usage of the game to reduce frame lag
- Revised usage of multi core CPUs
• Changed count system for remaining Capsules
- Capsule amount will not be reset to default count after server maintenance
• Revised sounds for player upon death
- Improved sound volume when player is dead
- Heartbeat cannot be heard after player's death anymore
• Improved Weapon Swap System
• Improved Auto-Team Balancing
• Removed Valentine's Items
• Revised In-game Scripts

Product Update - Valve
Build 180520 for Serious Sam 3 is released.
If you have previously opted into public beta, you already have this.

Here are the changes:

- Fixed a crash after initial dialog on Silent Riddler that happened on some machines.
- Fixed problem with black screen when aiming with assault rifle weapon and post-processing effect allows very high exposure range.
- Fixed crash when entering Extras menu in Bulgarian locale.
- Added safety checks to prevent faulty drivers from crashing when they try to load GLSL shaders cached by older versions of driver.
- Multiplayer: Fixed speed hack cheat detection sometimes erroneously marking players as hacked.
- OSX: Split screen is now supported on OSX.

Product Update - Valve
  • Added: improved public debug console
  • New light rendering added for bushes
  • More detailed middle distance terrain texture added
  • Adjustable stances for sidearms added
  • Sprint speed decreased
  • Tweaked transitions from ragdoll
  • Fixed transition from free fall into swimming and onto land
  • New animations for swimming with rifles
  • Rifle kneel sprinting fix
  • Rifle raised idling for AI fix
  • Pistol prone movement improvements
  • Rifle & pistol evasive move fixes (disabled optics)
  • Removed sway in prone adjust low
  • Pistol self healing
  • Improved pistol kneel sprint animation
  • Improved connection prone to sprint
  • Player could shoot a sidearm during the healing animation
  • Transition from prone to upright sprint while unarmed caused visual sliding
  • Priority of actions in action menu adjusted
  • Stratis terrain and object placement tweaks
  • New post-process effects for injuries added
  • Fixed fuel gauges for MH-9 helicopter family
  • MH-9 can now carry more soldiers
  • Duplicate target icon in Ka60 Helmet-Mounted Display removed
  • Ifrit cargo pose added
  • Compass visualization changed
  • New secondary shadow LODs (glasses, bandoleer, belt, rebreather)
  • Camouflage selection tweaks
  • Fixed: Sites are no longer placing patrol waypoints on water
  • Civilian Sites were disabled
  • Logo and tagline splash screens merged
  • Main menu game and version indicator could overlap
  • Added: Any mission with description.ext has now loading mission box with "Unknown" text
  • Added: Unknown author is now displayed also for maps
  • Fixed: Mission restart now resets reload counter
  • Added: Loading "continue" save will no longer raise the reload counter
  • Fixed: Mission failed had two debriefing screens
  • Fixed: "Lose" ending no longer shows "Mission Completed" title
  • Fixed: Error icon is no longer shown for logics
  • Fixed incorrect topic selection after closing and reopening Field Manual
  • Fixed: "Respawn" button is no longer enabled in missions with respawn "NONE", "BIRD" or with missing respawn settings
  • Added: "respawnButton" parameter can now enable the button in respawn types which would normally disable it
  • Geometry fixing (AI collisions with buildings tweaked)
  • Config classes for weapons cleaned
  • Fixed: (fish no longer only swim North)
  • Fixed: (EBR sight alignment)
  • Fixed: (spelling error)
  • Fixed: (fire geometry - wall)
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed:
  • New fog technology implemented
  • Picture-in-Picture optimization implemented
  • Terrain shadows tweaked
  • Fixed: AI no longer fires on targets it does not see (but which are reported by other group members)
  • Fixed: (MP rotation synchronization fixed)
  • Fixed: (Speed of sound delays tweaked)
  • Changes and fixes merged from Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead beta patches
  • MP pose synchronization fixed
  • Improved performance related to object instancing
  • Fixed - AI disembarking when moving to another vehicle position incorrectly
  • Game loading with "addAction" crash fixed
  • PhysX collisions related crashes fixed
  • Fixed: (out of memory crash)
  • Fixed: Crash while taking RPG Alamut from ground
  • Larger string buffer for the 'format' script command
  • Fixed: Reloading different magazine type could do nothing but remove the magazine
  • Destruction of vehicle while manipulating with objects in its inventory fixed
  • Ambient creatures' position after game load fixed
  • Fixed: remote destroyed wheels have now the right distance detection to the ground
  • Fixed: healing sound effects were endlessly looped
  • Ships are no longer automatically deleted after destruction (consistent with other vehicle types)
  • Free fall inventory access fixed
  • Magazine manipulation while discarding weapons tweaked
  • Items' behavior while moving from dead body to container tweaked
  • Helicopter behavior improved (rotor simulation now does not allow helicopter to fly up-side down)
  • AI running up and down hill tweaked
  • Command 'stance' now returns more consistent values: "PRONE", "CROUCH" and "STAND"
  • Fixed: RMB to equip did not work for binoculars
  • Fixed: Vehicle commander stepped optics zoom did not function correctly
  • Fixed: artifacts on water near shore when looking from high distance
  • Solved issues related to flickering optics

Product Update - Valve
ORION: Dino Beatdown has just been updated to the new ORION: Dino Horde!

This update includes:

New Steamworks Features:
• Big Picture Mode Support
• Steamworks Lobbies & Matchmaking
• 100 Steam Achievements

Key Features:
• 50+ Weapons & Gear (20+ new)
• 5 New Game Modes
• 6 Vehicles
• 9 Dinosaurs
• 7 Levels
• Lobbies, Matchmaking, Server Browser
• 100 Steam Achievements
• Spiral Store (Premium Content - Hats, Taunts, Char Packs)
• 30+ Augmentations (Mutators)

Fundamental Changes:
• New Artificial Intelligence
• New Lighting & Particles
• New Animations
• New Dedicated Servers & Updated Tools
• New Netcode
• Updated Game Engine & Graphics
• New Audio System
• New Weapon Mechanics
• New Player Movement
• New Game Mechanics:
• New User Interface

Product Update - Valve
We have just made public a new version of the PC version of Tomb Raider, build 1.01.742.0. This patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game. If your game does not update, please restart the Steam client.

While most fixes found in the latest console patches have already been released as part of earlier PC patches, this patch includes all fixes made on the consoles by Patch 3.

New fixes in 742.0:

- Resolved situation in which combat would not spawn the next encounter on Chasm Bridge, halting player progress.
- Fixed an issue where the block and tackle itself was inaccessible while on the galleon.
- Improved QTE timing (left/right movement, button mashing) to be more consistent independent of frame-rate.
- Parachute controls are now more responsive on low frame-rate.
- Improvements to the 3DVision support, and support for the 3DVision IR device.
- Support for Eyefinity setups with multiple display-sets. (for example 3x1 + 1 setups).
- Some small multiplayer improvements.
- Various improvements to the handling of the last-campsite save.
- We have decided to remove the Optional Movie download and instead provide links to our YouTube pages containing those same videos.

While we expect this patch to be an improvement for everyone, if you do have trouble with this patch and prefer to stay on the old version we made a Beta available on Steam, Build732.1, that can be used to switch back to the previous version. Please note however that you can only play multiplayer with people that share your version.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a resolution for the players that are experiencing crashes and major graphical corruption on NVIDIA hardware. Some progress has been made though, and we expect hope to have an update soon.

We will keep monitoring for feedback and will release further patches as it seems required. We always welcome your feedback!
Apr 12, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Version v12a

Add: An option to tune the CPU level used on pathfinding
Add: Wolfy, queen of werewolves monster
Add: New graphic for the shorn sheeps
Add: Job group name on the townies tooltips and when right click on them
Add: New icon for the special decorative items
Change: Removed the butchering of reindeers from the production panel
Change: Removed the message spam when the taunting trunk casts effects
Typo: "Hobgoblin Khopesh" changed to "Hobgoblin khopesh"
Typo: "Raw reindeer steak" changed to "Raw snoat steak"
Typo: Spanish name for the Nature aid skill
Typo: Spanish description for the candle items
Typo: "Shorn sheep" instead of "Skinned sheep"
Fix: Buried harps, buried purple thrones and buried graves are not sold by the merchants anymore
Fix: Cloth and leather armors have been included to the stock panel
Fix: Shadows over stockpiles and zones on the camera level
Fix: Crash when you scroll down levels past the bottom layer
Fix: Issue rendering cells when you load a non-v12 saved game that contains vertical ladders
Fix: Glitch on the red long flags that face south-west
Fix: Heroes avoiding the level restriction when they don't have new cells to explore
Apr 12, 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Added another tab in the Coin Operator shop where players can purchase new "season 2" tournament rewards.
* Reduced the prices for "season 1" tournament rewards.
* Added 6 slot guns in the game.
* Added new category of attachments in the game: the Breechblocks.
* Now players can craft 6 slot guns, "season 1" tournament rewards, Tier 6 patches and more.
* Added "season 2" lottery weapons, clothing sets and patches on Black Market.
* Added 3 additional class ranks for all classes.

* Increased the chance of finding Tier 5 Rare ingredients from Containers and from loot.
* Now players can find Tier 5 Gold ingredients in loot sometimes.
* Increased the chance of finding Uncommon Containers in Stockpile.
* Now Hammers in Stockpile have a chance to drop Uncommon Container instead of Common.
* Now players have a chance to find Rare Rank V Containers in PvE when playing on level 50 on Hard difficulty. Players will find Tier 5 Gold ingredients from these Containers.
* Increased the chance of finding Rank V Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty.
* Players can't find Rank III Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty anymore.

* A number of balance improvements.
* Now players see red "already known" text mark on craft recipe items if they already learned that craft recipe.
* Added the information about items being bound to a gang on the Essence of Patch and Gang Buffs tooltips.
* Now players can unequip Lottery and Black Market Gold Lobby AUGs without destroying them.
* Now all Lottery items are sold in separate Lottery Tickets.
* Increased the amount of monthly PvP Ladder rewards up to 50 Gold Coins for 1st place.
* Added monthly Reputation Ladder rewards. 1st place in the monthly Reputation Ladder will get 15 Bronze Coins.
* Now players can purchase up to 20 class profiles and 20 custom profiles.
* Added a Booster that increases Tournament Rewards by 50%.
* Added 9 new Premium Signatures.
* Now players can purchase additional Inactive Gang Buff slots.
* Fixed the collision issue in South Canal Spillway Robbery when a player was able to hide in a trash bin.
* Fixed the issue when team-mates respawn removes nearby friendly Proximity Mines.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.03

- Fixed responses to commands given by partners in co-op.
- Fixed the display issue with the "Ustanak 1" action figure in Collections
- Fixed the difficulty level during the Haos battle in Chris’ campaign, chapter 5-3
- Fixed the input problem when using gamepads during the J'avo car chase scene in Chris’ campaign, chapter 3-6
- Fixed the issue where the player is unable to go through the door in Jake’s campaign, chapter 4-4

A number of other issues have also been fixed.
Product Update - Valve

Stardock Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of the 0.80 BETA for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes today. This new update includes two new sovereigns, two new empires, updated traits, gameplay mechanics, bug fixes and more.


Added Kulan of Umber as a starting sovereign.

Added General Carrodus of Capitar as a starting sovereign.

Added a new empire champion, Corinne the Archivist (a ghost champion)

Added a new kingdom champion, Pellion the Bright (a lightbringer champion)

Added a new construct, the Armored Sentinel, an animated suit of armor with immunity to poison, crits and swarm and the archign Shield Bash ability

Added Battle Cry as a new Commander trait

Removed Encumbrance.  Instead we have chain mail proficiency and plate mail proficiency that enables the use of those armor types.  Defenders get chain mail for free and plate mail early on.  Warriors get chain early and plate in the middle of their trait tree.  Assassins get chain mail in the middle of their trait tree.

Redid the Defender trait tree

Defenders get to use Chain mail armor for free
Defender I trait increased from +5 to +10 defense when defending
Defender II trait increased from +10 to +15 defense when defending
Removed the Defender III trait
Endurance trait gives +10 hit points instead of +1 per level
Added the Endurance 2 defender trait (it gives +15 hit points)
Converted the general Graceful trait to the defender Stand Firm trait
Removed the Guardian III trait
Added the Arching Shield Bash defender trait (shield bash 3 adjacent units)
Added the First Aid defender trait (heals an ally within 1 tile)
Added the Hold the Line defender trait (sets all allies defending and gives them bonus Dodge until their next action)
Added the Invincible defender trait (caster becomes immune to physical damage until its next action)
Removed the Spell Resistance III trait
Added the Summon Sentinel trait (summons an Armored Sentinel into tactical combat and boosts the defense of all surrounding allies
Added the Eternal Guard defender trait (+5 levels for summoned sentinels)
Added the Ironskin defender trait (+3 defense)
Added Plate Mail Proficiency, it enables the use of plate mail armor 


Fixed an issue that was keeping new champions from spawning with their special consumable gear (potions and scrolls)

Fixed an issue causing the hit chance for dodgeable special abilities to be incorrect

Fixed an issue keeping the Pariden spellbooks form showing up in on the choose sovereign window and in the tech tree

Fixed an issue keeping Krax’s Ice Spear and Lightning Pike form showing up in the choose sovereign window and tech tree

Fixed the provides tages on the Berserkers Axe and Berserkers Broadsword

Fixed an issue where the AI can ask for peace even if you aren't at war

Fixed an issue with the Tremor spell not removing Dodge correctly (fix by Parrottmath)

Fixed an issue that could allow a troll Shaman to kill himself by casting Barbs

Fixed an issue with the tactical spell Command, where depending on when it was cast, it could cause the target unit to always go next, over and over and over

Fixed crashes


Remade all the level 7 Empire champions

Remade all the level 7 Kingdom champions

Remade all the level 9 Empire champions

Remade all the level 9 Kingdom champions

You now have visibility for 1 tile outside of your borders

Lethal 1 increased from +1 attack to +2 attack

Lethal 2 increased from +2 attack to +3 attack

Lethal 3 increased from +3 attack to +4 attack

Warrior Muscle trait also gives +1 attack now

Increased the default players on the Huge map from 8 to 10

Administrator III trait lowers the unrest in all cities by 10% (instead of just the city the champion is in)

Increased the CityCountUnrestPenalty from 2 to 3

Reap II increases the damage form damaging an opponent from 1 to 3 and Reap III increases it from 3 to 6

Enchanted Backpack gives an init bonus

Golden Belt gives 25% Splash damage

Strength and Muscle traits give bonus attack

A full suit of Chain Mail gives -3 init

A full suit of Plate mail gives -6 init

Warriors get an Endurance trait that increases their hit points

Spell Leech has a 5 turn cooldown to fix an infinite mana exploit

Broke magic staves in Fire and Cold staff categories for unit design

Eye of Abeix trophy increased to +50% growth and +5 init for defending units

Head of Amhah trophy increased to +50% growth and -50% unrest

Heart of Delin trophy increased to +50% growth, defending units are immune to fire and trained units get fire resistance

Heart of Morian trophy increased to +50 growth and +50% hit points for trained units

Horn of Sarog trophy increased to +50% growth and +1 fame per season

Head of Torax trophy increased to +50% growth and +3 attack and defense for defending units

Fist of Vetrar trophy increased to +50% growth, defending units are immune to cold and trained units start with Cold resistance

Storehouse increased from +40 food per grain to +50

Rusty Armor gets increased defense but becomes rarer

Aegis Robe Defense increased form 5 to 6 and it gains +5 Dodge

Increased the CombatRatingToExpMultiplier from .05 to .06 (ie: increased the amount of xp gained from combat)


AI smarter in relations

AI smarter about when to ask for peace

Monster AI tweaks


New waterfalls from Parrottmath

In tactical combat the button for the spell or ability you are using remains highlighted

Fixed the Spearman Expert and Master icons (they were reversed)

Even better water

New selection tiles in tactical

Product Update - Valve
Rebellion unleashes update 1.04 for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Taking the challenge to solo players in the latest Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army update, Rebellion have announced that version 1.04 allows gamers to increase the enemies they face in the singleplayer campaign to match the impressive numbers seen in the co-operative multiplayer mode.

Already renowned for its tough-as-nails singleplayer campaign, the ability to add ‘multipliers’ that double, triple or quadruple the number of undead on screen is a welcome addition for Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army fans looking to test their aim - and their nerve - to the extreme.

Full list of features and fixes:
• Enemy multiplier – choose to face up to four times the number of undead in single player.
• Vote system – vote kick, start game and end game with lobby support.
• Russian language fix – fix for language sometimes not appearing in Russian version.

Coming soon:
In response to fan feedback, the next major update will include the addition of drop-in, drop-out co-op to allow players to join multiplayer games while they’re in progress.