Mar 27, 2013
Product Update - Valve
The War Z has been updated as of March 21st. Updates include:

New Features
• Added Call For Help.
• To use this feature press the ESC key and then click MISSIONS. On the missions menu you will need distress message and some type of reward. Once they have been set click on the "Call" button.
• After a distress call has been placed it will show up on the map. You can put your mouse cursor over the distress call icon to get the details of the distress call.
• You can place a distress call once every hour.
• Distress calls will stay on the map for 10 minutes.
• Added a Personal Lock Box.
• You can obtain the Personal Lock Box via the market place, trading with other players, or found very rarely in the game world.
• Personal Lock Boxes will live for ever. Please note that we do not guarantee that they will remain this way. We need to push the feature to the live servers and evaluate the affects this duration will have. If it negatively impacts gameplay or performance we will give it an expiration timer.
• The Personal Lock Box has 30 slots and is one time use; it will remain on the server that it was placed on.
• To use the Personal Lock Box put it in one of your items quick slots and then press that key to put the Personal Lock Box in your characters hands. Use mouse 1 to then place the lock box. Once the lock box has been placed you can use it with E. When you first use the Personal Lock Box you will create a 4 digit key code that will lock the box. When you use it again it will ask you for that code. Please be warned, there is no way to recover Personal Lock Box passwords. Remember your passwords!
• Added a Nail Gun and Nail Gun ammo. This weapon is a rare weapon.

• Further optimization to the server browser. This should speed up the load times when looking for servers while in the server browser.

• Updated sound library's - This will improve compatibility with some sound cards.
• We removed all of the random ambient sounds that were in the game.

• Spread improved on the following weapons
• M249
• G36
• The spread on 1911 has been adjusted to be more in-line with all of the other hand guns.
• Lowered the attack speed on all melee weapons.

• Lowered animation speed on all melee weapons to coincide with the reduced attack speed.

Bug fixes
• Fixed a bug with the loading bar that would load to 100% then drop back down to 75%.
• Fixed bug with female characters were playing male hurt sounds when they fall
• Fixed some issues with sounds on Sniper Rifles and Shotguns.
• Fixed a bug with items hovering in the air after a player has been killed.
• Fixed a bug with Walker Stalker not working at all. Now, the detection radius is applied to your character while walking. This skill does not function while sprinting.
• Fixed a bug that would not display an icon for the Brass Knuckles while in your Global Inventory.
• Fixed a bug that displayed an XP icon for unlocking characters instead of the Game Dollars icon.
• Fixed a bug with the VSS that would attract zombies at the same distance as a Blaser. It will now have a much smaller aggro radius when fired.

Mar 26, 2013
Product Update - Valve
New Features
• Adventure mode is now integrated into survival mode. In a survival mode level, you can find a special portal that will take you to the start of adventure mode. If you die in adventure mode, you will wake up back in your survival level, outside of the portal. From there you can try again (restarting at level 1, of course). Dying in survival mode is still perma-death-fatal, and retrying a survival level will always generate a new one for you. Any existing saves that you might have from previous patches will be interpreted as survival levels - you should be able to teleportate out of them to get access to the new features.
• New front-end screens for dealing with the save slots and the new game flow.
• The adventure levels have been re-done to better match what their final structure will be. They’re still a bit rough around the edges, but you can start to see the overall sweep of the game now. Please see the detailed descriptions at the end of the changelist.

New Craftables
• Healing Salve - Made from crushed spider glands and ash - heals medium wounds
• Lightning Rod - Protects bases against lightning, gives you a few nights of free light when struck.
• Heat Stone - Place it near a fire to warm it up, and then carry it around with you to fend off the bitter frost.
• Earmuffs - Made from rabbits, of course!
• The Piggyback - A fancier, bigger backpack (that slows you down!)TOU

New Creatures
• The Bishop - guards Maxwell’s structures with lightning shots

New Level Features
• Chess biome! In adventure levels, Maxwell's influence has begun creeping into the environment.
• Points of interest and traps - these are small, non-random areas that have good or bad effects.
• Touchstones - these mysterious stones act as one-time-use meat effigies if you touch them. There are a handful generated in each survival level.
• Maxwell’s door - leads to adventure mode.
• Pleasingly-arranged mushroom rings
• One-way wormhole (only in adventure mode currently)
• Pig-head-on-a-stick - someone’s been busy!

• Compressed the XP track. You now earn 20xp per survival mode day at a flat rate, and unlock all the XP-unlockable characters a lot more quickly
• Characters have a bit more health by default. This is to reduce the number of one-shot player deaths, and give you more of a chance to run away from danger.
• The player now has 15 inventory slots
• When you advance through the teleportato in adventure mode, you can only take four items with you. Choose wisely!
• Sanity depletion in the rain is less harsh
• The HUD is a bit smaller, to show more of the game world
• Removed low-level farm plots. We really didn’t need three versions of the same thing.
• Deerclops, lightning and beefalo mating season are configurable through level gen parameters
• Stepping on spider ground will trigger a response from the den
• Tweaked mushroom spawn chances
• Abigail has more health, but enemies will fight back against her

• Many new map icons, including backpacks and Chester!
• Crock-pot fixes: mushrooms count as vegetables, fixed frogglebunwich recipe
• You can no longer carry an extra backpack in your hands as you walk around.
• Werepigs don’t kite. They are too angry for that.
• The death screen buttons should always work now.
• RMB can be used to light things on fire when the torch is equipped (useful at night)
• Added a default start node so that maxwell and wilson not occluded
• Frozen ponds can't be fished anymore.. but you can walk across them.
• MacTusk can miss you with his blowdart
• Spiderhat / Miner hat show remaining fuel
• Treeguards can be set on fire more than once
• Lua console now supports arrow keys
• Fireflies glow more reliably at the right times
• Trap icons don't show up on the map when inside a container
• Chester is immune to ghosts
• Chester has much more health, and resurrects after only one day
• Fix spider jump attack sometimes not actually jumping
• Spider jump attack will not hurt Wilson when it misses
• Birds that are flying away shouldn't re-start their fly-away animations mid-flight
• Rabbits will try to avoid a player between them and their home
• Fix to Abigail/ghost movement stuttering
• Ghosts pathfind, but will go through walls or objects if needed
• Abigail will show up at least every 3 nights
• Abigail will spawn some distance away from Wendy
• Wandering creatures will try to avoid walls and water
• Fleeing creatures will try to avoid running into walls
• Fix apparent duplicate item when dropping item on the ground and then into your backpack before the drop happens
• Fix infinite bees spawning from beebox by repeatedly saving/loading game
• When murdering an entire stack of helpless creatures in your inventory, loot is gained for each individual, not just once
• Waking up sleeping hunting hounds at night will rouse the walruses from their slumber
• Fixed a bug where you could use a sleeping bag or tent during the transition from night to day to skip an entire day.

Level Descriptions:
The adventure levels are still being worked on and refined, but here's an idea of where the are right now and where we want them to be.

Level 1
Near-constant rain and frequent short winters take a toll on your sanity and your fires. You must survive in these more extreme conditions as you hunt for the teleportato pieces. When complete, this level should feel similar to a survival level, but with increased pressure on all your resources.

Level 2
This level is smaller and shorter than the previous level, but it is permanently winter! The aim is to survive the cold without any preparation time. When complete, this level should keep you moving quickly.

Level 3
The level features a resource-rich central island, surrounded by dangerous lands containing each of the teleportato pieces. Right now it's still fairly lush, but eventually the outlying islands should be quite inhospitable!

Level 4
Use the first land to stock up. Once you pass through the dying wormhole, you'll need everything you've got to survive. We're currently still working on the balance between the two lands.

Level 5
This level should put your survival skills to the ultimate test, not only will there be harsh weather and tough monsters, but resources will be extremely scarce. Eventually. Right now it's just been roughed in, but it's still got lots of badguys in it!

Level 6
Maxwell is still devising this level...
Product Update - Valve

The following is a changelog of differences from Fallen Enchantress to Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. It doesn't include a wide array of performance improvements (Intel was nice enough to come onsite and do some profiling on LH with our developers and turn out some good results); but it should give an indication of the tweaks and additions the game contains.



Swarm- All melee units get a bonus to accuracy and damage for every ally that surrounds the enemy they are attacking.

Fame- Clearing lairs, completing quests and building some improvements gains Fame for your faction.  When enough Fame is earned champions will offer their services to you.  Two champions are always offered and the player can only select one.

Champion level up system.  Champion now have access to a trait tree that they can pick from when they level up.

Produce resources in your cities.  Instead of constructing improvements and training units you can set your cities to produce additional wealth, research, growth or mana.

Huge Map type.  Our biggest map size yet.

Steam Integration- Cloud saves of games, lots of new steam achievements and automatic patching.

City Count Penalty- You now get an Unrest penalty in all of your cities based on the number of cities in your empire (the more cities, the more unrest).  This makes Unrest a bigger issue for larger empires and helps equalize the production and research of large empires vs small empires.

Food Growth Bonus- Cities with access to more unused food get a growth bonus.  This way high Grain cities can not only grow to a larger size, they will get there faster than low grain cities.

Lots of new tactical arenas.  In general enemy armies start a lot closer to each other so the battle can start immediately (and ranged units are in immediate trouble if you don't bring units to defend them).

Added a Production Pace slider to the game setup options.  Player can now modify the research pace and the production pace seperately.

The World Difficulty slider now effects the level of monster in the world.  Set it down to have monsters start out at a lower level than normal, or up to have them start out higher.

Each faction has a special ability

Altarian- Rush ability allows them to use their attack to go again

Ironeer- Guarded Strike ability allows the unit to attack for half damage but puts the unit into a defending stance

Kraxis- Fortify ability increases the Dodge and Accuracy of units in fortified tiles (as it was in FE)

Mancer- Mancer units get +1 Movement and +1 accuracy per level

Pariden- Soul Spark does lightning damage at range, but costs mana

Quendar- Flame Tongue does fire damage to an enemy within 1 tile

Tarth- Double Strike allows the unit to attack twice at -30 to Accuracy

Trog- Berserk ability puts the unit under AI control , but the unit gets to go immediately and gets a bonus to attack and Initiative.  Berserk units can't cast spells.  Berserk doesn’t do damage per round anymore.

Urxen- Urxen units get double the normal swarm bonus

Wraith- Wraith Touch ability drains a small amount of life from an enemy within 1 tiles and gives it to the attacker

Weapon types have special abilities

Axes- Cleave ability allows the attacker to strike up to 3 enemies that are adjacent to him.  Cleave damage can be modified by traits. (axes still backswing)

Spears- Impale ability allows the attacker to strike an enemy and an enemy on the opposite side. (spear still ignore a percentage of armor)

Club/Hammers- Crushing Blow ability does double normal damage, but the attacker loses their next action.  Crushing Blow damage can be modified by traits. (blunt weapons still have a chance to knock victims prone)

Swords/Daggers- Swords and daggers allow the unit to counterattack when attacked (as in FE)

Shields- Any unit with a shield can shield bash an enemy, doing normal damage and knocking them back a tile

Added Crossbow class weapons.  Crossbows are ranged weapons that are slightly slower than normal bows, but they allow a special attack called power shot that allows them to fire through multiple enemies in a straight line (the amount of enemies depends on the type of crossbow)

Spells/Abilities can now be dodgeable (if this tag is set on spells like Throwing Knives, Hurl Boulder and Spit Acid the caster must hit the victim for the effect to take place)

Added support for the Line range type- Spells and abilities can now target a line of tiles at a specified length

Added support for the Adjacent range type- Spells and abilities can now target a selection of units next to the caster but adjacent to each other

Added support for spells that are multiplied by the count of units in the casters stack- This is used by abilities like the Quendar's Flame Tongue ability so group of trained units can use spells.

New Monsters

Banshee- Undead ghost that is immune to physical damage and attacks with the Horrific Wail spell, which damages all enemies

Brood Hunter- These half spider creatures are fast and armed with a longbow.  They are usually found with spiders than immobilize and weaken enemies so they can pick them off at range.

Brood Warden- Armored half spider creatures that are even better defenders to Brood Wardens and can quickly close with their pikes and high movement.

Cindercorpse- Burning undead corpse with the Inner Fire ability (ranged fire attack)

Hergon- Half wild boar, half brick wall.  Hergons have high movement and everytime they attack a unit they knock it back a tile, messing with defense lines and attempts to control the battlefield.

Hergon Sow- A smaller version of the pushy male of her species.

Lich- Powerful undead spellcaster.  As if dark wizards weren't bad enough, they get worse when they die.

Lightbringer- A strong Spirit equipped with an Angelic Longsword and the ability to use Soul Spark and Blinding Light

Skeleton (3 variations)- Skeletons are weak but they often come in large numbers and with dangerous weapons

Wisp- A weak Spirit able to use the Healing Light and Soul Spark abilities

New Champions- All the champions have been redone for Legendary Heroes to make them more unique.  But the following champions are brand new and can be gained through quests or they may offer their services.

Raza the Wild- Wilding Shaman and powerful mage.  He has access to the same Coal Stones ability as his wild kin.

Kasst- Fast Brood Warden warrior with an innate resistance to magic.

Tuatha- Troll hero with innate regeneration and a love for giant weapons.

Huhrus- The Ogre from the FE quest, but now he is a champion so you can equip him and have him learn traits as he levels up.

Gallowman- An undead master of necromancy.

Nen Ratcatcher- A darkling shaman, master of death magic and with his brothers aptitude for Shrink spells.

Ascian- A great cat and former assassin for Lady Umber.

Mausolos- The tomb guardian, a massive stone golem and defender with the ability to cast Death Ward in battle.

New Spells/Abilities

Blinding Light- Surrounding enemies must save or be blinded.  Special ability of the Lightbringer.

Blink- Teleport to any location on the battlefield.  Ability granted by the Flickering Ring.

Break- Assassin attack that does normal damage and removes the targets defense for 3 turns.

Call Lightning- Does lightning damage to all units within the radius.

Channel Lightning- Does the units attack as lightning damage.

Command- Commander ability that allows another unit to take a turn immediately.

Consume Spirit- Special ability of Gallowman, does damage and grants mana if it kills the unit.

Cure Plague- Used to complete a quest.

Death Ward- Tactical version of the strategic spell with a limited duration.  Allows a unit to be reborn if he dies within 5 turns.  This is a special ability of Ancient Grave Elementals and Mausolos.

Eviscerate- Assassin ability to attack an enemy for an automatic critical hit.

Guard- Defender ability to add a unit's defense to up to 3 adjacent allies and it puts the unit in the defensive stance.

Gust of Wind- Blows back up to 3 enemies that are adjacent to the caster.

Healing Light- heals all allies within 1 tile of the caster.  Special ability of Wisps.

Inferno- Tactical version of the strategic spell that surrounds the caster with inferno tiles and damages anyone in them.  Special ability of Fire Elementals.

Inner Fire- Does fire damage at range.  Special ability of Cindercorpses.

Lightning Bolt- Does 10 lightning damage to all enemies in a 5 tile long line.

Lightning Form- Unit transforms into lighting, shooting through 5 tiles and damaging all enemies in those tiles.  Unit ends the action at the end of that line.  Special ability of Ascian and Bragni.

Rain of Arrows- Bow only attack that strikes all enemies within the effected radius.

Raise Skeletal Horde- Summon 9 different skeletons into battle.

Raise Skeleton- Summon a lowly skeleton.  Raise Skeleton has no casting cost.

Rescue- Defender ability to switch places with an ally in tactical combat and take another action.

Riptide- Do damage to up to 3 adjacent enemies.

Shadowshift- Assassin ability to Switch places with an enemy and take another action.

Summon Air Elemental- Summons and Air Elemental, if used in Tactical it knocks back enemies around the elemental.

Summon Crag Spawn- Summons a Crag spawn and dumps stinking mud in all tiles around him, reducing movement of anyone in them.

Summon Delin- Summon Delin, the Pyre of Man for 3 actions.

Summon Grave Elemental- Summons a Grave Elemental, if used in tactical all surrounding allies receive Death Ward for 5 turns.

Summon Ignys- Summons an Ignys.  If used in tactical all surrounding enemies take some fire damage.

Summon Lightbringer- Summons a Lightbringer.  If used in tactical all surrounding enemies must save or be blinded.

Summon Wisp- Summons a Wisp.  If used in tactical all surrounding allies are healed.

Wall of Fire- Added a tactical version of the Wall of Fire spell.  It sets fire to a line of tiles 7 long.

Withstand- Defender ability that makes the unit immune to magic damage for until its next action.

New Traits

Abjuration- Unlocks the Cloak of Thorns, Protection from Cold and Protection from Fire spells

Aeromancy- Unlocks the Gust of Wind, Lightning Bolt and Obscuring Fog spells

Armor Proficiency- Defender ability to carry additional weight

Axeman- Warrior ability to do increased damage with the Cleave ability

Bleed- Assassin ability to have damaged units take damage per turn, traits can modify the amount of damage done by bleeding.

Compassion- Mage ability that increases the amount healed with heal spells

Geomancy- Unlocks the Gift of Iron and Sunder spells

Ghost- ghosts take no damage from physical attacks

Greater Necromancy- Unlocks the Raise Skeletal Horde and Horrific Wail spells

Hydromancy- Unlocks the Gentle Rain, Frozen Bones and Riptide spells

Immune to Swarm- This unit is immune to its enemies swarm bonuses.

Innovation- Commander trait that gives the player an immediate +100 research

Missing Finger- Injury that reduces the amount of accessories this unit can equip

Necromancy- Unlocks the Raise Skeleton spell

Pack Tactics- Monsters with this trait get double the normal swarm bonus (typically this goes to wolves)

Pyromancy- Unlocks the Soulburning and Incinerate City spells

Reap- Unit gains life whenever he damages enemies, traits can modify the amount of life received

Revenge- Unit gets +1 attack each time it is struck in battle

Savant- Mage ability that reduces casting times by 1

Spirit- spirits take half damage from physical attacks

Tinker- Unit can equip an additional accessory

Volcanic Rites- Mage trait which increases the amount of damage from fire spells

Wealth- Commander trait that gives an additional 500 gildar when selected

New Items

Amethyst Collar- Can be used to tame a twisted unit to your control.

Angelic Longsword- Longsword that does additional damage vs Undead.

Bacco's Hammer- A very crude hammer, but it gets better as the wearer levels.

Blessed Hammer- Hammer that does additional damage vs Undead.

Brood Cuirass- A spider curiass that retains some of its makers spell resistance.

Brood Vambrace- A sharpened vambrace that improves the units attack.

Butcher's Axe- Heals the wielders life each time it strikes an enemy.

Crossbow- Ranged weapon with a special attack that fires through up to 3 enemies.

Dagger of the Leech- Heals the wielders life each time it strikes an enemy.

Flickering Ring- Allows the unit to cast blink once per battle.

Guardian Blade- Short sword that does double the normal counterattack damage.

Heavy Crossbow- Ranged weapon with a special attack that fires through up to 5 enemies.

Padded Vest- A very cheap vest, better than nothing, but not by much.

Perfect Crossbow- Enchanted crossbow with increased initiative and attack.

Ring of Ash- Increases fire damage of the wearer's spells.

Ring of Calling- Increases the level of the wearer's summons.

Ring of Restoration- Increases the potency of the wearer's healing spells.

Ruined Chain Shirt- Still being worn by the skeletons of elementals, and starting sovereigns.

New Quests

Random events are more common in Legendary Heroes including several large game effecting events.

Ascian- You discover ancient tomes about Lady Umbers assassin, you can follow the trail, but it's a dangerous path.

Bacco the Beggar- A drunk challenges you to single combat.

The Banshee- A necromancer attempts to save his wife form dying.  But the life his magic gives her is worse than death.

The Mausoleum- A recent storm has opened up a crypt that has been long closed.

Ongr the Unbound- An abomination has been loosed in the world.  Although armies would do well to avoid him, the one that kills him can claim his sword.

The Riddle- Mimbly is back, and he isn't any less insulting.

Night of Haunted Dreams- On the night of Shirayn's resurrection the veil between this world and the next is drawn back and the dead flood into the world.

The Plague- A plague has spread across your empire.  Will you deal with it by finding a spell to sure it, separating the diseased or burning them alive.  Each option offers its own challenges.


Physical attack types (Blunt/Cutting/Pierce) consolidated just to Attack

Removed Influence

Sovereigns all start with a party of Militia and a party of Spearman

XP formula is completely new to not be as influenced by combat rating.  Previously if you beat something that the game thought was tougher than you, then you would get exponentially more xp.  Now that rating modifies the amount of xp (you still get more if you are fighting tougher things), but not are severely.

Governor path changed to the Commander path (it has the prior upgrades for improving your empire as well as upgrades to improve your army)

Stinking Mud converted from a spell to a Crag Spawn ability

Arcane Veil is now a Defender ability

Aura of Grace moved from Air 1 to Air 2

Battle Cry is now a Commander ability

Broken Loyalties now costs gold instead of influence

Burning Hands now has an adjacent range (it can hit 3 adjacent units)

Moved Contagion to the Black Quire tech

Crushing Blow damage can be modified by traits

Most cooldowns moved to 5 turns instead of 3

Flame Wave moved to Fire 5

Moved Mantle of Oceans to Water 3

Switched Noble Legacy to boosting Dodge instead of Hit Points

Reduced the damage from Shadowbolt (the amount of resistance dropped is now based on the casters level instead of the damage)

When an Earth Elemental is summoned in battle he automatically shockwaves all surrounding enemies

When a Fire Elemental is summoned in battle it is surrounded by Inferno tiles

Familiars and Imps gain the Spirit trait

Flying now negates any move modifier from forests, jungles, etc

Counterattacks default to only doing 50% of the casters normal damage

Swordsman traits increase the amount of damage done when counterattacking

Companies reduced to a size of 6 instead of 7.

Adventurer sovereign history gives bonus fame from completing quests.

Tower of Dominion provides Fame and negates the City Count Penalty in the city it is built in.

Adventurers Guild provides 1 fame per season

Almshouse provides 1 fame per season

Amethyst Vault provides 2 crystal per season (instead of 1)

Archivist provides +50% research when the city is producing research

Embassy’s negate the City Count Penalty in the city they are built in

Guild Grocer improves hp by 5% (instead of 10%)

Infirmary gives trained units the endurance trait (instead of +1 growth)

Mining Guild provides +2 metal per season (instead of 1)

Pyre of Anniellum provides +2 fire instead of +1 fire and +3 mana and it unlocks at level 5 (instead of 4)

Tenfall University moved to unlock at level 4(instead of 5)

Reduced the unrest penalty from Slums to 5% (instead of 10%)

Tower of Dominion allows the city to ignore the unrest penalty from the amount of cities in your empire

Warehouse gives +50% gildar when producing wealth

Wood Shield moved from Training to Leatherworking

Spearmen are now trainable from the start of the game

Henchmen now use the best available equipment.

Henchmen cost Fame to train.

Increased the cost of quest maps

Reduced the amount of research given by the lost library form 20 to 15

There are more creatures in almost all of the goodie huts (larger battles are more common now).

Increased the cost per labor to rush from 1 to 1.5.

Berserker weapons berserk the units wielding them (making them uncontroalble in tactical combat and blocking spellcasting)

Added the “None” option to monster lair placement

Lowered the amount of monsters around the starting location.

Apiaries reduce Unrest in your empire.

Pastures improve the hit points of units in your empire.

Ancient temples improve Research for your empire.

Reduced epic tech pacing form x4 to x3.

Relias starts with the Discipline trait instead of the Veteran trait.

Most world achievements grant Fame.

You can't build Stables (and start collecting Horses) unless you have Mounted Warfare.

You can't build Kennels (and start collecting Wargs) unless you have Warg riding.

Sand Golems can use the Crushing Blow ability.

Shadow Wargs can use the Rush ability.

Removed the min turns required to raze cities.

Reduced the Mace, Spear and Battle Axe damage slightly.

Removed casting time from all summons except the largest (death demon and delin).

Moved the summon spells out of the spell ranks and into the Mage tech tree so casters that want to specialize as summoners can spend their trait upgrades doing that.  They will get access to lots of summons, but not to non-summon spells.

Reduced the Monk staff from 7 attack to 6.

Reduced the Crude Club from 6 attack to 5.

Reduced research from Conclave level 2 from 4 to 3.

Hundreds of other changes.


New Battle results screen with animated xp bars that ding when you level up.  This screen also shows any injuries or effects from the battle so that we don't need additional popups.

When you have a unit selected and mouse over another tile it shows you the path the unit would take to that tile as well as how many turns it would take.

The Faction Power window now displays the attitude of that player to you.

Added an Army management screen when multiple armies are on one tile.

Switched the minimap and removed the unnecessary features from it (forests, mountains and chasms) so that the relevant info is more clear.

The Turn button will now glow yellow if the player can end the turn, but has idle cities.

New Bear model and medallion.

New Bear Cub model and Medallion.

Adjusted the stats that show up in the unit info window to more usable ones (set these to be controllable form xml in case modders would like to change the ones displayed).

New Mountains.  New texture, no more environmental creep onto mountains, no more mountaintop snow.

More defined terrain.  Less animation blending makes the terrain of individual tiles easier to see and less muddy.

New lighting with less bloom for more crisp varied colors instead of the washed effect in FE.

All units are larger on the strategic map, so they are easier to see.

Reduced the amount of ground props to make the map more clear and to make game impacting terrain features more recognizable.

New Rivers.  The banks have been removed, the flow speed has been halved and the surrounding vegetation and rocks have been dramatically reduced.

Removed the troop count from the spell selection window (In case you were wondering what those seemingly random numbers were at the bottom of the unit medallions).

New Leather armor designs for Tarth.

New Leather armor designs for Yithril.

Leather armor now supports cloth color (so they are all trimmed in the faction's cloth color).

Added dynamic shadows to units.

Fixed an issue where heavy black outlines would show up around grass and other textures with transparency.

The unit details wnd now plays the music theme of the owner of the subject unit, and doesn't change the music at all if accessed from a tactical battle.

The Kingdom victory screen now shows if some of the victory options are disabled in that game.

New ground decals for the goodie huts and lairs to distinguish them from the environment.

Product Update - Valve
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 has been updated today.

A new patch is now available for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 which features a host of improvements and the addition of Hardcore mode for multiplayer. In the new mode players will not be provided with any indication of who is shooting at them or from which direction the shot has been fired as the red dot indicator is eliminated. Hardcore mode provides and ultra difficult experience that will put even the most elite snipers to the test.

The patch includes:

- Hardcore mode in multiplayer added
- Decreased pistol/melee score points to 25, no head shot bonus
- Fixed black loading screen when starting MP game
- Kick player option added on to the end of the match screen
- Fixed leaderboards upload after game ends with score/kill limit
- Chat window issue fixed
- Joining a password-protected session issue fixed
- Fixed an issue when players with internet connection sharing option could not enter multiplayer mode
- Other fixes and stability improvements

Product Update - Valve
-New controller code, should work with all controllers now
-New fullscreen code and options
-Any player can now take a Steam screenshot (if the Steam screenshot key is bound the default F12)
-Updated logo
-Optimisations for some users
-New rendering effect
-Tweaked the charge laser
-Added support for Steam overlay
-Fixed a bug with Player 4's wideband laser
-Fixed a bug that caused Peaceful Mode to end with 4 ships dead at the same time
-Fixed a bug where aimlines would show up for ghostships
-Fixed a bug with the reticule type couldn't be changed
-Fixed a bug where the narrator would activate co-op lines in single-player Peaceful Mode
-Fixed a bug where arrow keys couldn't be used to control the Reticule Editor

Product Update - Valve
2013-03-25: v1.092
- Added a Trade Post limit for patricians, based on palace upgrades and number of adult males in court
- Family dues are now given only to adult males of your family in your court, and they all receive the same share
- Patricians can no longer increase their Demesne limit with higher tier titles. However, the Doge gets +1
- Patricians who imprison or banish someone now get a tyranny opinion penalty from everyone in the whole Republic
- Patricians no longer confiscate gold from dynasty members that they banish
- Doges can no longer use the Seize Trade Post plot
- Patricians can now only use the Seize Trade Post plot on Patricians owning more Trade Posts than themselves
- The Seize Trade Post plot now always costs a small amount of money to implement
- The Holy War CB no longer works against too distant targets
- Sieging will siege back your own holdings first
- Tanistry electors are no longer de jure
- The Windows version is now large address aware
- Fix for crash on multiplayer game start on Windows 8
- Fixed a bug where a vassal of a vassal who won a war against an outside state would become a vassal of that state
- Several events, including those dealing with the creation of the Hansa, no longer require "The Republic" to trigger
- Rewrote large parts of the tutorial to be up-to-date with current features
- Fixed a problem in basic military tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
- Fixed a problem in basic war tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
- Fixed a crash in court view during observer mode
- When determining what tier a character is for the purposes of marriage, the highest ranked non-republican ruler among their close relatives is now used (so the nephew of a King would count as King tier)
- Will no longer get prestige hits for marrying below your tier unless you marry more than one level below it (so a King would get a prestige hit for marrying a Countess but not a Duchess)
- AI now takes into account both tier prestige and dynastic prestige when responding to marriage offers
- AI now takes into account prestige effects when selecting spouses for themselves and their relatives
- Exported MARRIAGE_AI_PRESTIGE_VALUE to defines.lua, this variable is a multiplier on the importance AI places on prestige when arranging marriages
- The Prestige cost for breaking a truce is now much harsher; 50% of current Prestige + 200.
- You now get a -5 Diplo penalty for five years if you break a truce
- Diplomacy View: The Piety and Prestige costs for declaring war no longer prevent you from selecting the action to see why
- The 'any_neighbor_province' trigger now works for sea zones as well
- Trade Posts dont give warscore unless the war is using an Embargo or Sieze Trade Post CB
- You now need twice as much value in a trade zone before reaching its bonus cap
- Fixed a bug where Patrician stewards would add modifiers to tax multiple times when performing the tax action
- Fixed a bug with the trigger 'is_land'
- The republican CB to seize a whole coastal county is now range dependent
- The republican CB to seize a coastal city now requires the Patrician to have a trade post there already
- Can no longer grant independence to an antipope
- Fixed a bug where de jure status of kingdoms would reset upon loading a save game
- de_jure_liege="---" now works properly in history files
- Tied bride price to total prestige gain at a ratio defined by DOWRY_MULTIPLIER in defines.lua
- Can now only ask to embargo republics with trade posts in target ruler's realm
- AI: Less willing to launch embargo wars in general, especially against rulers they like
- AI: Less willing to accept requests to embargo on opinion alone
- AI: Will now factor in strength of target when deciding on whether to accept a request to embargo
- Inherited retinues are now added to the heirs use of retinue cap
- CB types now takes ai_will_do with modifiers to modify the priority they place on a particular CB
- Fixed the birthdate of Domenico Dandolo
- Minor fixes to Alan dynasties
- Fixes to Sergiids/Spartenos names
- Corrections to various Italian characters
- Several Mamluk dynasties should now use the proper Muslim dynastic shields
- The correct event is now triggered when an old Patrician family member marries a young woman
- The Voice of Satan is now properly removed when a character is no longer possessed
- Characters will no longer hear more than one voice when possessed
- Patrician family members that are betrothed will no longer experience random marriage events
- Two additional childhood learning events are now correctly triggered for Muslims
- Added additional Komi dynasties
- Minor fixes to some Irish and Welsh characters
- Added many new Ethiopian characters
- Added Ethiopian Patriarchs
- Added Nestorian Patriarchs
- Exported chance of getting a birth trait to traits.txt files
- AI doges will no longer gift powers they want to start embargo wars if those powers would say no even when gifted
- Added new scripting trigger realm_size = x for checking total holdings in realm
- Added new scripting trigger realm_manpower = x for checking max manpower in realm
- dynasty = x can now be used to check for whether a character belongs to a specific dynasty
- You no longer get a claim on the Papacy if he was in a successful independence faction
- Fixed a slight bug in the claimant faction ultimatum decision
- landed_titles now takes assimilate = no, which will turn off all de jure drift (both ways) for a Kingdom or Empire level title
- Fixed a bug with Patricians revoking castles from baron vassals

Product Update - Valve
We have just made public a new version of the PC version of Tomb Raider, build 1.0.730.0. This patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game. If your game does not update, please restart the Steam client.

New fixes in 730.0:

• Upgraded the save slots from three to 99
• Introduced “Last Campsite Save”, which automatically saves your progress up to the last campsite you have visited
• Added stereoscopic 3D reticle
• Fixed issues with the discovery of the Unworthy campsite.
• Fixed a problem that occurred when traveling back to the Sacred Hall Basecamp after that story has been completed
• Fixed a playthrough stopper in Chasm Bridge
• Fixed a playthrough stopper that could occur when loading a saved game created in the Coastal Forest after upgrading the axe but before opening the gate
• The active selection in the main menu no longer changes due to the rotation of the menu itself
• Fixed Mouse and Aim Sensitivity slider settings getting rounded to coarser values on save
• Fixed a crash in multiplayer that could occur while migrating hosts
• Added functionality to activate and deactivate DLC multiplayer maps during matchmaking. Maps can also be manually activated and deactivated in the new ‘Match Making’ menu in the ‘Options’ menu.
• (DX11) Fixed a few self-shadowing artifacts in the beach
• (DX11) Various performance optimizations
• (DX11) Improved sunlight shadow quality
• (DX11) Lens flares now render correctly in stereoscopic 3D
• (DX11) Improved exclusive fullscreen <-> windowed transitions
• (DX11) Fixed occasional crash on startup related to stereoscopic detection
While we expect this patch to be an improvement for everyone, if you do have trouble with this patch and prefer to stay on the old version we made a Beta available on Steam, Build722.3, that can be used to switch back to the previous version. Please note however that you can only play multiplayer with people that share your version.

We are planning further patches beyond this one to address various issues that have come out of consumer feedback since the release of the game.
Product Update - Valve
  • Showcase SCUBA:
    • More forgiving alarm threshold
    • Added more hints
    • Improved scenario endings
    • More rockets for the launcher added
  • Showcase Helicopters:
    • Performance optimizations
    • Few minor tweaks
  • Showcase Vehicles:
    • More forgiving alarm threshold
    • Few minor tweaks
  • MP: Escape from Stratis
    • Fixed: Mission success after resuming game
    • 'Combat Get In' module added
    • Respawn time is now 30 seconds (was 120)
    • Improved mission endings
    • New task appears when both choppers on the airfield are destroyed
    • New mission ending "all boats and helicopters destroyed"
    • Warning hint pops up when the group leader is AI controlled
    • Patrolling Ka-60 Black now unloads troops when under fire
    • More enemies at the airfield
    • Some new map locations populated
  • MP: Headhunters
    • "Exfiltrate" task is now set as current after all targets are eliminated
    • The mission will now end when either all players are near the exfil marker or in a boat
    • 'Combat Get In' module added
    • Possible respawn desync in multiplayer fixed
  • New scenario ending screen added
  • Task notification visuals improved
  • Seagull in "BIRD", "GROUP" and "SIDE" respawn replaced by a basic spectator camera
  • Scenarios-button now always available, even when there's no content
  • Added more entries into Field Manual
  • Compass and watch re-sized
  • Ka-60 minigun now rotates
  • Ka-60 doors and glass made correctly penetrable
  • MH-9 passengers can now see the tail
  • Helicopter weapons tweaked
  • Class names for Ifrits changed to be the correct ones
  • Alamut and MX SW now have correct icons in command menu
  • Countermeasures now stored in one magazine per vehicle
  • Correct Alpha Lite logo in splash screens added
  • Most windows in houses are now destructable
  • Static weapons should be more durable, shouldn't be targetable by guided missiles and shouldn't be flippable by user action when destroyed
  • Added more camoflage selections for vests and helmets
  • Red faction uniforms have proper class names
  • Changed priorities in action menu
  • TRG iron-sights remodeled after feedback
  • Collimator sights are now default primary on combined optics (Ctrl + RMB is the default switch)
  • Camera shake on 6.5mm ammunition removed
  • Server browser UI overlapping fixed in some places
  • Squad URL is no longer automatically upper-cased (and thus broken)
  • Editor loading took long when using MX rifles - fixed
  • Added freelook in vehicles via default option
  • Correct tracer colors have been distributed among factions
  • Fish should be less inclined to travel on land
  • Shadow improvements implemented
  • Improved network performance (vehicles are no longer lagging as much)
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed synchronization of cargo poses in MP
  • Fixed various inventory-related bugs and crashes
  • Improved vehicle collisions
  • Grenades can no longer be thrown under water
  • Fixed airplane / helicopter camera shaking
  • Default and Development versions have different numbering to prevent incompatibilities in multiplayer

Product Update - Valve
Critical Fixes
- Fixed end of turn game freeze

Other Fixes
- Fixed case where "Random System" used as system name
- Fixed case where AI would prefer initial ship designs
- Fixed protectorate treaties adding to player support costs
- Fixed economy value in empire manager not showing correct value

Other changes and additions:
- AI will now retreat fleets that are badly damaged in combat

The SotS2 Super-list changelog can be found here;

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed being unable to complete the tutorial
- Fixed Random message not displaying the hero name
- Fixed Bot cheat commands not working
- Fixed Tower attack speed being too low
- Fixed Ward selection radius being too big