Product Update - Valve
Alan Wake v1.02 release notes:

• Fixed problems of game not moving forward and gameplay not triggering properly after videos.
• Fixed flickering trees on Nvidia
• Real Traditional Chinese translation for added PC strings.
• Fix that the Developer Video Commentary volume is more sensible
• Fix that Localized cinematic audio volume is at correct volume and adjustable
• Fix that controller vibration works (note that it's disabled by default)
• Fix that blur occasionally got re-enabled even if -noblur command line option was specified
• Added "-rigidcamera" command line option for those who are sensitive to the default mouse/camera controls.
• Added possibility to bind mouse buttons 4 and 5
• Unofficial support for running the game in lower resolutions than 1024x768 using command line options
• Prevent binding controller keys to keyboard actions (prevents odd problems)
• Better CPU thread assignment for 3-Core AMD machines (smoother gameplay)
• Big thanks for the PC fans out there! We are constantly working on improving the game based on your feedback, please keep it coming!
• See our forum for up to date troubleshooting and patch information:

Product Update - Valve

Weapons and slots:

- Frag grenades now vaporize other thrown frag grenades in blast radius.
- Medpacks now have unlimited "ammo". (Still only one can be placed at a time, per person).
- Saboteur's REDs now use grenade slot.
- Added secondary weapon slot for sidearms. (Weapon slot binds will be reset to default).
- P900 is now enabled for players that have reached level 60.

Commanders may now set a default spawn area:

- Transport gates in default area will show in purple color on minimap.
- Default spawn area will show as purple on spawn point map.
- Manually changing spawn location for self will override default until a new default is set by commander.

Added ammopacks for Support Engineer:
- Engineer has a max of three ammopacks.
- Ammopacks follow same supply rules as supply station, but do not refill.
- Ammopacks do not supply more ammopacks
- Ammopacks disappear when depleted or after 45 seconds.

Added hypospray device for Support Medic:
- Hypospray has a max of two charges
- Hypospray can be used on a teammate or on self (alt-fire).
- Hypospray effect gives 15 seconds of 80% damage reduction to self.
- Units under the effect of hypospray cannot be healed.

Added artillery strike calls:
- Commanders may now enable artillery strike calls on artillery structures.
- Players may call own artillery strikes from radial menu.
- First in-range artillery that is enabled for calls and ready to fire will attack area designated by caller.

Other enhancements:

- Enabled attack notifications, health, and round timer in commander view.
- Added minimap blips for some player radio calls.

General Fixes:

- Fixed squad appearances not getting reset on team change.
- Player stats now get updated when map changes mid-round.
- Updated armblade crosshair to be more noticeable when in stab range.
- Fixed multiple issues with Around the Track achievement.
- Fixed Mac client crash when joining a server with custom files and sv_downloadurl enabled.
- Fixed an issue causing medpacks to not affect certain players.
- Fixed medpacks healing enemies.
- Fixed a case where turrets would not decloak a stealth unit.
- Fixed turrets continuing to fire at out-of-range enemies after locking on.
- Fixed heartbeat sound sometimes getting 'stuck' as well as some related performance issues.
- Fixed issues with heartbeat and bloodsplatter when spectating.
- Fixed an issue where players could spawn with advanced kits at round start.
- Fixed issues with Add Server to Favorites dialog box.
- Fixed scaling of MOTD window.
- Fixed being able to stack buildings by having multiple assemblers selected.

Server changes:

- Added oilfield_beta to default mapcycle and maplist.
- Removed mapcycle, motd, and motdtext from vpk files so that custom ones can be used more easily.
- Enabled mapcyclefile cvar.
- Added sv_allow_voice_from_file cvar to allow server owners to stop voice file spam.
- Servers with alltalk or friendlyfire enabled are now tagged in the server browser.
- Fixed medkit_heal event always have 0 for "ownerid" property.
- Added "weapon" property to structure_death event.
- Updated team balancer to be more likely to keep squads together.

Furthermore, Oilfield:

* Additional optimizing pass throughout the map
* Relocated watchtower at the Empire Secondary point, to avoid assembler sniping
* Added more cover around both faction areas, to avoid base sniping
* Fixed invisible wall near the broken airplane
* Fixed invisible wall blocking off the pipelines on the edge of the level
* Fixed props disappearing at the primary point in rts mode
* Fixed stairs to low in storage building
* Increased amount of resource points
* Fixed collision on the large oiltank
* Fixed airplane wheel collisions blocking player
* Fixed ladders not climeable on fueltrucks
* Added climeable ladders for the oil silos throughout the level
* Fixed able to fall between the two buildings and get stuck near the helicopter platform
* Fixed several small issues throughout the level
* Decreased lightmap scale for better shadow casting

* Fixed several texture overlapping issues
* Removed ladders from oil derricks in the playable level (separated model)


* Fixed missing brush in the corner near the Empire base
* Rebuild nav mesh for bots


* Fixed commander able to build in the primary pit
* Added a few extra no-build areas to avoid structures being deployed inside buildings.


* Changed default skybox to Tokyo
* Removed some L4d2 related parameters


* Improved Primary bunker collision model
* Improved collision for the small metal stairs in Hydro
* Fixed primary console collision models

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crash on startup for Russian players.
+ Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to scrap stations.
+ Fixed crash that could occur when exiting the Battle Manager after
placing fleets.

Other Fixes:
+ Stations will no longer show up alongside fleets in transit.
+ Battle Manager fleet positions are now obeyed.

Other Changes:
+ Added Slaver encounter.

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Saints Row The Third have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added Co-Op compatibility files for "Gangstas In Space" DLC.
- Added an option to disable input device detection.

- Fixed a crash in the ragdoll system where sometimes after the player ragdolled, the game could crash.
- Fixed tutorial text for advanced airplane controls when using keyboard & mouse.
- Fixed a bug where DLC vehicles were not showing up in the garage if DLC packs were mismatched.
- Revised an error message displayed when incompatible versions attempt to play together in Co-Op.
Product Update - Valve
o Dedicated server now works on Linux. It can be downloaded using HLDSUpdateTool for Linux, using gamename "serioussam3-linux".
o SeriousEditor can now natively import and export meshes in Wavefront .obj format. You may need to reset the Common toolbar in mesh editor to see the new buttons for it.
o Various fixes and improvements in script edit control in SeriousEditor: added scrollbar, fixed scrolling errors, fixed rare crashes in undo/redo, better assignment of variable on drag&drop of entity from world, some other small fixes.
o Fixed severe visual errors on GI baking that happened when models had compressed normals.
o Fixed rare server crashes caused by malformed RPC messages from client.
o When server has problems executing an RPC, client ID and name are output to log, and the client is disconnected to prevent further damage. If client cannot execute receives an exception when trying to execute an RPC, it will disconnect from the server. o Fixed some minor issues in menus when rendering for stereoscopic display. o Fixed problems with some shaders not being rendered correctly under OpenGL. o Fixed Chinese and Japanese versions of Kanji characters mixing up in some cases. Now Japanese glyphs have precedence when using Japanese locale, and Chinese glyhps when using Chinese locale.
o Fixed an issue causing snapping instead of smooth transition between fire animations on player model in some cases. o Character animation selection system was changed to facilitate more complex combinations of legs and torso animations.
o Fixed an issue causing scaffolding pole to remain on third person player model when switching weapons or performing melee while scaffolding pole is equipped. o Created new jump animations for player character. o Created some more player animations for swimming/diving while carrying explosives or sledgehammer.
o Added support for Raw Input for mouse and keyboard, enabled with inp_bRawInput. This should give more precision in mouse reading, for those who want every micrometer of aiming accuracy.

Product Update - Valve
---- ReleaseNotes Patch 1.4 -> 1.5 ----


[ Multiplayer ]
* Fixed issue where creating ropes on your own server would not work properly
* Improved rope / towing behaviour
* Connection points updated when ropes are changed, prevents issue where connection points show incorrect information
* Prevented an issue where leaving a server would leave a ghost-ship behind
* Horns and watercanons are now syncronized
* Sinking has been disabled
* Player names are displayed above the ships.
* Statistics being tracked

[ Ships ]
* Improved various ships with new lights, better bridge graphics, improved dynamics
* The Hide GUI action no longer resets the controls

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a plague-related turn update crash.
+ Fixed a combat psionic effect-related crash.

Other Fixes:
+ Diplomatic points are now being accumulated and applied.
+ Heavy planet missiles are now working.
+ System entry points and approach vectors are now working.
+ Ships now recover psionic power each turn based on the empire's psi potential.
+ Fixed neutral combat zones not returning to the system's owner.
+ Fixed an issue where options window revert button was not working correctly.
+ Fixed an issue with incorrect speech timeouts.
+ Zuul civilians are no longer considered in slave calculations.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet travel distance was not being reported correcly.
+ Zuul players are no longer queried for alternate mission route
confirmations unless this is necessary.
+ Fixed localization issues with admiral traits.
+ Structure and armor bonuses now show correctly in the design screen.
+ Fixed known issues where reserve fleets could go missing.
+ Drones in the bottom wing of Hiver Dreadnoughts now launch.
+ Slave disks now connect with the correct ship sections.
+ Reduced speech spamming in the design screen.
+ Fixed floating modules on Human dreadnoughts.
+ Fixed a corner case preventing combat with hiver gates.
+ Colony support missions now stop correctly if the target colony is destroyed.
+ Fixed a couple odd issues where fleets were not correctly considered
to be 'at' a system.
+ Combat AI now deploys battle riders more intelligently.
+ Fixed an issue where crewless ships were preventing players from
entering accelerated time in combat.
+ Fixed the issue where requesting surrender of an empire could lock
out camera control.
+ Fixed the issue of invalid save game names crashing the game.
+ Fixed an issue where crewless ships were preventing the end of combat.
+ Fixed the visual glitch with torpedo trails.
+ Fixed the issue where fleets in transit could be unselectable.
+ Fixed an issue where the strategic AI was creating duplicate ship designs.
+ Fixed an issue where surveying fleets were returning home if
hostiles were encountered.
+ Fixed known issues with Land Grab and Leviathan victory conditions.
+ Victory conditions are now correctly reported when all other players
are eliminated.
+ Fixed an issue where trade income was not being synchronized
correctly in networked games.
+ Fixed an issue where client player status was not being updated
correctly in networked games involving more than 2 clients.

Other Changes:
+ Sound volume now updates in real time.
+ Mine fields and SDBs (System Defense Boats) can now be placed in the
Battle Manager and activated in combat by clicking their icons in sensor view.
+ Mission screens not grey out systems that are not viable.
+ Sensor, support and trade views now grey out systems that are out of range.
+ Stations now appear along with fleets, and they can now be repaired
through the standard repair dialog.
+ News events are now reported for lost or retired admirals.
+ The repair dialog can now be called up at any system.
+ The game now agressively seeks out and frees memory consumed by game
assets where possible. This should help players who are running into performance issues due to memory consumption.
+ Updated star map node line and mini-ship visuals.
+ New encounters are available or have been re-introduced, including:
The system killer, asteroid showers, spectres and swarmers. More are on the way.

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Grotesque Tactics 2 – Dungeons and Donuts have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Fixed memory issues
- Camera changes after community feedback
- Some items had no gold value
- Fixed some English text / tooltips
- Fixed invisible items
- Fixed some AI freezing in rare conditions
- Fixed spider spawn
- Fixed some quest actions
- Fixed some missing texts
- Balancing titans / ogres
- Skills Wendy / golem
- Tooltip improvements henchmen
- Portal fix near titan
- Fixed shadow freezer
- Switch language fix
Product Update - Valve
We're headed for the Game Developers Conference in two weeks, to show off Toki Tori 2, and we need your help!

Just now a new build has become available on Steam and we’d like you to try and record your first play through. Check out the details at:

As ever, feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Product Update - Valve
Updates to PixelJunk Eden have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- A small issue with one of the achievements has been fixed