Product Update - Valve
- Added the mini-games and tools back to the Community console.
- Added controller support for Big Picture mode to all areas of the Community console.
- Fixed 4 of top crashes reported by users.
Announcement - Valve
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When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A Dark Presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love.

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Product Release - Valve
Design Quirks, all new content for Cities in Motion is Now Available on Steam!

One of each of vehicle type, but with a twist! Instead of a helicopter take a pleasant ride in a hot air balloon, or perhaps a tram that's been built like a boat to sail the city streets. These five innovative vehicles will add a whole new level to the game and keep your company afloat with their high attractiveness.

In celebration of this release, all other Cities in Motion content is now 75% off until February 12th at 10AM Pacific time!

Product Release - Valve
Five new songs are Now Available for Rocksmith!

Play "Sugar, We’re Goin Down", "Dance, Dance", “I Don’t Care”, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” and "America’s Suitehearts" by Fall Out Boy on any electric guitar or bass. Each song includes a new authentic tone accessible in AMP mode.

Announcement - Valve
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Feb 4, 2013
Product Release - Valve
3DMark is Now Available on Steam and 25% off!*

The new 3DMark includes everything you need to benchmark your hardware. With three all new tests you can bench everything from tablets and notebooks to the latest high-end gaming desktops. It's the most powerful and flexible 3DMark we've ever created.

We designed 3DMark for gamers, overclockers and system builders who want to get the most out of their hardware. 3DMark is a complete PC benchmarking tool kit for those who are serious about performance. And it's no longer just for Windows. With the new 3DMark, you can now compare your scores with Android, iOS and Windows RT devices too.

- The latest version of the world's most popular benchmark.
- Includes three stunning tests for DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 hardware.
- Test everything from tablets to desktop gaming PCs.
- Compare scores with other Windows, Android and iOS devices.
- Compete for the fastest PC on Steam with Steam leaderboards.
- Easy to use, no technical know-how needed.

*Offer ends Monday February 11th at 10AM Pacific Time.

Announcement - Valve
Impire is Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam.

Take control the of demon Báal-Abaddon as he attempts to rebuild his mighty hell spawn form. With the aid of dozens of evil creatures big and small as well as an arsenal of spells, you will help him construct a dungeon underworld of limitless evil and nastiness to stop all those pesky Heroes of Ardania from ruining his return to greatness!

Pre-order now and receive the Black and White Demons DLC and the Creatures of the Night DLC with your purchase!

Product Release - Valve
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Product Update - Valve
• Shotgun uses now a symmetrical bullet spread pattern.
• reduced grenade launcher damage radius from 8 down to 6.
• reduced spit projectile speed by 12%
• arc menu will now always show both deploy and undeploy button.
• Removed celerity sound and screen effects.
• reduced Gorge spit damage from 40 to 30.
• It is no longer possible to damage anything during the pre-game.
• Fixed bug where some objects would be unnecessarily rendered using material techniques that had no effect.
• Reduced the memory usage from keeping level data in memory.
• Reduced the memory usage pathing information.
• Improved Infestation performance on the client (thanks Matso!)
• Improved loading times when vsync is enabled by limiting the loading screen frame rate to 30 FPS.
• In-game audio device selection.
• Damage arrows are now more accurate when multiple players are attacked by a Whip at the same time (Thanks to Joop for pointing this out!)
• Fixed bug where request menu was not opening when your team has no Commander.
• Fixed bug where grenades were not dealing full damage on direct hits.
• fixed Whips being able to whack grenades through walls.
• Fixed issue were client side and server side selection status are sometimes out of sync.
• Drifters now uncloak when an enemy unit touch them.
• Fixed bug causing Celerity effects to remain on when the Skulk was walking or standing still in some cases.
• Fixed random number generator issue that caused inconsistencies in the bullet spread between the client and server.
• Fixed “Couldn’t open ”” error messages appearing in the log.
• Fixed Gorge build menu not getting immediately cleaned up upon death.
• Fixed bug which allowed more than 3 Sentries to be built next to a Sentry Battery in some cases.
• fixed melee attacks not triggering effects when hitting world geometry.
• Fixed bug where the main menu music would play over the tutorial videos.
• The server will now reload the map if 10 hours have passed and no game is currently being played (Thanks Mats!)
• Fixed bug preventing the MAC from attacking Hives.
• Fixed crash on exit if the rendering thread was still processing a frame during the shutdown process.
• Gorge Bile Bomb will no longer interrupt the Gorge’s Celerity speed boost after shooting the bomb.
• Fixed the “speed” console command not affecting player movement.
• Aliens may now evolve new traits if an existing trait is lost due to the upgrade structure being destroyed.
• Fixed bug where alt-tabbing out of the game would cause the Exosuit to become opaque.
• Chat will now display correctly in the dedicated server web interface (Thanks Sherman!)
• cyst min range check will now pass when the vertical distance between cysts is too high, to prevent situations were Commanders could sometimes not infest resource nodes.
• selection and hotgroup creation works now without any delays.
• Commanders can now select enemy units.
• increased number of allowed hotgroup to 9.
• hot key icons blink up red if a unit in this group is under attack.
• added shift+click for manipulating selection (add/remove units)
• Cysts now “redeploy” instead of enforcing a minimum placement distance between existing Cysts.
• phase gates now show a connection line between each other on the minimap.
• phase gates show now the destination in their name.
• Added support for distortion effects (like refraction) in surface shaders.
• Added Client.GetMusicVolume.
• Blocked small vents in Topographical
• Added cover to vents in Nanogrid
Product Update - Valve
Open Beta is available (hotfixes)

Next time you restart your Steam client, you will download this update.

- Fixed a crash when going into options with certain systems / triple screen resolutions
- Fixed a case where some systems would always invalidate the user's laptime when crossing the finish line
- Fixed auto-detection of hardware that could sometimes act up and apply improper settings
- Fixed a crash that could occur when changing visual settings between two gameplay sessions
- Fixed Apex Hunt Expert challenge for RaceRoom Raceway Bridge and Hockenheim GP that had too easy targets.
- MediaHub now shows information about the currently selected screenshot in the lower right corner
- The menu that appears at the end of a Hillclimb run was missing the browser bar
- Fixed a case where the user could not delete a screenshot from the MediaHub
- Fixed a case where the cockpit cam animated driver would be stuck in a full lock position
- Bezel corrected resolutions should now correctly be saved between two game starts
- Fixed a conflict between the menu setting for transmission (auto/manual) and the keyboard shortcut to toggle transmission mode while driving (F4 key)
- Fixed a case where destroying the car would not return the player to the garage as long as the car was moving
- Losing a wheel is now properly considered terminal damage for the car
- Updates to login screen, splash screen and minor fixes to the menus