Product Release - Valve
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ORION: Dino Beatdown is an Open World, Class-Based Cooperative Survival Sci-Fi FPS. The game puts five players together in huge, endless environments in which they must work together to accomplish objectives and survive the devastating Dinosaur horde.

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Product Update - Valve
An update to Trapped Dead has been released. The major changes include:

- fixed a bug where all characters disappeared when restarting a level after loading a save game
- removed online activation tool
- several text and layout adjustments
- added proper PhysX DLLs to package
- item pop-up text is now removed when the item is picked up
- adjusted walkable areas in Weapon Shop and Shooting Range level
- fixed mouse trapped inside an area that is smaller than the current window
- fixed crash during fights when weapon was destroyed (e.g. grenades)
- fixed a bug that an attack loop was repeated over and over again
- changed some movement parameters for quicker turning and pathfinding around corners
- stamina change due to movement or melee fight is now unique for every character
- several balancing issues addressed
- fixed input bug where fast clicking interrupted a started attack
- ranged weapon cursor will now fade out if target is out of range
- fixed bug where you can't interrupt the current movement by attacking something
- increased attack speed of some zombies
- fixed AI pathfinding states after attack
- fixed AI sensor update intervals and location detection
- fixed crash in AI sensor array update
- fixed crash during automatic door using
- fixed visibility detection inside buildings (roof on/off)
- fixed some localization bugs
- converted UI text to UNICODE for all language versions
- new font for UNICODE versions
- fixed user name "guessing" for UNICODE machines
- fixed text input for UNICODE characters
- shopping street: crossbow position fixed, save spots relocated
- military base: reduced number of spawning zombies in hangars
- fixed video adapter detection, now done during every engine startup
- zombies won't raise again if they were killed during stun
- Spanish localization added

- 'Ready' button in bunker is now enabled as soon as a character is selected by the client
- fixed item synchronization in bunker when a client has already selected some items and a new client joins
- new messages about network state
- increased pushback to zombies because of disabled ragdoll
- fixed crash in explosive scene objects handling (barrels)
- player name can now be chosen in Host or Join Menu
- special handling for multiplayer mission events where party setup differs from storyline
- fixed "locked" characters in bunker
- refactored fight system for multiplayer matches to avoid double hits on client
- fixed AI's dead target handling, not all references to player were removed
- adjusted some mission goals, so that a mission can be completed without special characters
- username changes in host/join menu will now be applied immediately
- removed friendly fire completely
- fixed chat message to prevent buffer overflows/crashes
- chat input line will not be erased when a new message arrives while typing
- reduced network bandwidth for AI and entity handling by 50-75%
Product Update - Valve
An update to Bastion has been released. The major changes include:

- [Mac OSX] Fixes to crash on level of "Workmen Ward" for certain iMac users.
- [Mac OSX] Fixes to misc crash issues based on user-submitted reports. Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to send crash logs.
- [Mac OSX] Wireless 360 Controller support via wireless receiver
Product Update - Valve
- Radiation timer removed from Easy mode

Product Update - Valve (05-04-2012)

- Updated: Removed possibility for fixed wing and helicopter to be launched together in a group in Flight Deck. Units that can't be launched together will be greyed out in flight deck.
- Updated: Made clearer what units isn't ready for launch in Flight Deck.
- Fixed: Problem selecting group from Units Panel after it had previously been selected.

Satellite Map:
- Added: Deselect unit/group by holding down left control button when clicking on the icon in the map.
- Fixed: Properly destroyed Jamming vector line when loading new level.

- Added: Gradual decline in hit % over range for multipurpose guns.
- Updated: AI submarines will fire at all targets in torpedo range.
- Updated: For missiles in groups, only one will perform sensor sweeps. This improves performance significantly when there's lots of action.
- Updated: Missiles do not check sensors against units other than target (when they have a target). This also improves performance.
- Updated: Increased chance of component damage on impact.
- Updated: HighLevelOrders for launching AWACS air automatically goes to max altitude.
- Updated: Tweaked HitPercent vs. air.
- Fixed: Direct shots did not use GetHitPercent, ie. super laser gun effect.
- Fixed: Aircraft to flee AA missiles that can be targeted, not engage them.
- Fixed: Unable to change preferred time compression to same as set by other player (if lower than what already requested) in multiplayer game.
- Fixed: When assigning new home base for unit, entire group changes home base as well if either group or main unit was selected.

- Added: New multiplayer and skirmish scenario: "War of the Roses".
- Updated: NATO submarines moved in "C01S10: Convoy 13 No Reply".

- Added: AlternatePositions list to GameScenarioGroup. If present, the group/unit will select randomly which of the alternate positions are chosen on scenario loading.
- Added: Alternative sub positions added to Jutland scenario.
- Added: CanRetargetAfterLaunch property to WeaponClass. Is on unless specifically set to false. Specifies whether a missile will search for new target if original target is lost/killed.
- Updated: Updated Vymbel R-77 to AE-PD (higher range); kept old weapon for reference. This affects balance!
- Updated: Reduce ammo on all CIWS weapons; count bursts not bullets.
- Updated: Guns/gatlings shots/min reduced.
- Updated: Guns with MaxSimultanousShots > 1 changed to 1.
- Updated: JAS39 upgraded to E: longer range, supercruise.
- Updated: Semiactive radar removed from missiles.
- Updated: Reduced TimeBetweenShotsSec for some SAM missiles (using VLS).
- Updated: Reduced TimeBetweeenShots for most SAM, AA missile weapons.
- Updated: Increased speed for Mark 46, Mark 54 asw torpedoes.
- Updated: Removed Gau12 gun from NH90 helicopter.
- Updated: Increased max speeds for Virginia, Ohio and Astute submarines.
- Updated: Increased max depth for Virginia.
- Updated: Massive increase in fuel on tanker aircraft.
- Updated: HitPercent for all CIWS incresed.
- Updated: Reduced minimum range for AA guns.
- Fixed: Sea Skua req weapon control (semihoming).
- Fixed: Absalon radar corrected to Smart-L.
- Fixed: F125 gun corrected to Otobreda 127 mm.
- Fixed: Non-helo UAVs set minimum speed to non-zero.

- Fixed: Missing mouse cursor on some systems.
- Fixed: Reset input when game loses focus.

- Fixed: Stopped all 3D sounds when playing victory/defeat sound.

- Fixed: More memory leaks removed.

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a stance selection related crash in combat.
+ Fixed the combat multiplayer de-sync that was on the list of known
issues in the last update.
+ Fixed a crash related to exiting multiplayer combat prematurely.
+ Fixed a rare animation-related crash in combat.
+ Fixed a rare system killer related crash.
+ Fixed a recent issue in combat that was preventing ships from being selected.
+ Fixed a crash caused by cancelling a mission for a node boring Zuul fleet.
+ Fixed a crash related to upgrading a station that had not been in combat.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues with movement on the government type graph.
+ Joker, GOOP and battle rider wing buttons now disappear from the HUD
when the selected ships are too far from the viewer.
+ Fixed an issue where players were getting multiple salvage projects
leading to the same tech.
+ Addressed issues where the AI player was bypassing fleet supply
limitations when sending out missions.
+ Fixed the issue where missiles were not colliding with the ghost ship.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet missions would get hung up in systems
with disabled relics or asteroid monitors.
+ Fixed the bug where effects from stations were active prior to
completion of construction.
+ Fixed a bug that was allowing players to slot any weapon into a
retrofitted design.
+ Fixed an issue where the system killer would not proceed on to the
next star system.
+ Fixed an issue where Leviathans were taking armor damage on the
wrong side in combat.
+ Fixed some flaws in the weapon ricochet calculations in combat.
+ It is no longer possible to see enemy ship tool tips.
+ Cleaned up some inconsistencies in the display of climate hazard ratings.
+ Fixed a bug that was allowing players to submit intercept missions
when no fleets were available to do so.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing overlapping stations to appear in
the system view and combat.

+ It is now possible to set the number of initial planets for each faction.
+ Some general ship section and weapon tweaks.
+ Combat Algorithms technology now allows an additional two cruisers
instead of just one.
+ Battle Riders can now be launched by clicking the individual
squad/wing buttons associated with each ship.
+ Ships can now be retrofitted.

Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added The Fruit Shoot
  • Fixed a rendering error affecting sticky bomb particle effects
  • Updated the main menu message notification system
  • Updated the Frying Pan so it can also be equipped by the Scout, Sniper, Medic, Heavy, and Pyro
  • Updated pl_thundermountain
    • Fixed a build-in-spawn exploit in the Blue spawn room for stage 2
  • Community request
    • SetForcedTauntCam player input now accepts a value of 2 to allow the taunt camera to remain even while the player is dead
Product Update - Valve
- Added Phantom Lancer!
- Fixed being able to use ping to identify illusions.
- Fixed bug where we wouldn't always upgrade couriers in order of creation.
- Fixed potential dispel threshold being calculated after damage reduction rather than before (fixes stuff like Bloodrage not dispeling potions).
- Fixed being able to blink if you became rooted after you started casting.
- Fixed unit conversion spells (Enchant, Persuasion, etc) not removing existing debuffs properly.
- Fixed Searing Arrows not stacking with Eye of Skadi.
- Fixed Satyr firing Shockwave onto smoked/invisible heroes.
- When the courier returns items to the stash, items owned by the other team are now dropped on the ground.
- Fixed Spirit Bear teleporting far away from you with Return (causing it to get stuck in trees sometimes).
- Attacking units now follow their target and then resume attack orders after getting disarmed.
- Updated attack animation for Spectre, with more impact on hit frame.

- Tranquil Boots regen is now displayed on the HP bar.
- Clicking "No Courier" opens the shop with the courier item selected.
- As spectator, clicking courier button now queries the courier for the current query unit's team.
- Fixed creepstats drawing for all units when spectating.
- Fixed missing shared cooldown on the first use of an item.
- Extended the health bar above the stats area.
- Centered respawn label when showing death panel but not the buyback button.
- Fixed a case where the cooldown swipe on buffs was not initialized and rotated backwards continuously.
- Fixed top bar timer not initializing
- Selling back a limited stock item within the sellback time restocks the shop.
- Broadcasters can now draw lines in the world.

- Bots now use their defense mode desire to determine when to use Glyph, rather than having an independent calculation for it.
- Bots will no longer use items or abilities when they are individually disabled.
- Bots now switch out of "early game" when either team becomes powerful, rather than just when the opposing team does. This prevents situations where one team is roaming and pushing and the other team is still trying to lane.
Product Update - Valve
May 3, 2012 UPDATE
Optimized memory usage even more
Optimized video memory usage
Updated level up rewards
Fixed crash if exiting game after using voice commands
Fixed bug that Killstreak rewards and other rewards except for Kill were not displaying (you still were getting XP\WP)
Fixed an issue that game wasn't working on some AMD video cards
Various level updates