Product Update - Valve
Updates to Magicka have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added a new Magick; Confuse to the Original Campaign and the Basic Magicks pack.
Product Update - Valve
The first update for Unstoppable Gorg is now available. This update will be automatically applied when the Steam client is restarted.

Version adds Steam Cloud support and 17 new achievements!

Also Steam leaderboards have been added. They will start to function once Steam updates them. The following bugs and other issues were fixed:
- Mac achievements now work as they are supposed to
- Bombs have cooldown timers in order to prevent spamming
- "Spare No Expense" achievement requirement was reduced to 15 000
- Fixes in the German localization
Product Update - Valve

Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.2 Preview Windows release includes:


AMD Eyefinity 2.1 technology enhancements
- Additional resolution support: Users can now choose from a larger set of resolutions when running AMD Eyefinity
- Dynamic Configuration Changes: Switching between different display configurations will occur automatically when physically plugging/un-plugging displays
- HydraVision enhancements: The Windows Task bar can now be moved and resized based on users preference
- Profile Manager improvements: Increased support for Display Groups (including 5x1) and Extended configurations within the Profile Manager


Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.2 Preview software suite for Windows 7. These include:
- Call of Duty IV no longer displays random corruption when in DirectX 9 more and the Edge Detect filter is enabled.
- A black screen is no longer occasionally displayed when running Portal 2 in 3D mode.
- All 3d Anti Aliasing settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
- Morphological filtering settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
- Civilization V no longer experiences random crashes when run in DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 mode.
- Enabling the ‘Edge Detect’ filter in Resident Evil 5 or Just Cause 2 no longer generates a random application crash.
- Battlefield 3 no longer hangs when MSAA is enabled.
- Saints Row III no longer experiences random hangs.
- Rage no longer experiences intermittent hangs when Crossfire is enabled.
- Dragon Age 2 textures no longer flicker when run in DirectX 9 mode in Crossfire configurations with vsynch enabled.
- Crysis Warhead and Battlefield Bad Company 2 no longer experience random crashes when Crossfire is enabled.
- Texture flickering is no longer experienced when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 in DirectX 11 mode.


Known issues under the Windows 7 operating system
The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows 7 operating system in the latest version of AMD Catalyst™. These include:

- Vsync may be disabled after task switching when playing Rage.
- Skipping in game cinematics while playing Dragon Age 2 in DirectX 11 mode may cause stuttering.
- Dirt 3 may experience flickering with Crossfire enabled and run in 3D stereo mode.
- Battlefield – Bad Company 2 may experience random flickering when run in DirectX 11 mode.

Known Issues under the Windows Vista Operating System

The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows Vista operating system in the latest version of AMD Catalyst™. These include:
- Windows Aero options may be missing after installing the latest driver.
Jan 25, 2012
Product Release - Valve
Oil Rush is now available on Steam and 10% off the first week!

Oil Rush is a real-time naval strategy game based on group control, that combines strategic challenge of classic RTS with sheer fun of Tower Defense, and features state-of-an-art visuals.

In the post-apocalyptic flooded world of Oil Rush two things running short: oil and time. The last survivors, desperately seeking to seize control over the remaining of oil on the dying planet and crush their enemy, have started the global naval war that turned the whole world into a massive battlefield. Are you equal to the task of winning the last war to end all wars? Find as you play through the 16 missions of single-player campaign which is offering variety of tactics and environments, from half-flooded jungles to cold northern seas. In these harsh and cruel times, oil is thicker than blood.

Product Release - Valve
SOL: Exodus is now available on Steam!

Suit up and take on the role of the Lieutenant Commander, ace fighter pilot and 2nd in command of the UCS Atlas, as you search for a new home, battle a mysterious enemy, and rescue humanity from a fiery end.

Product Release - Valve
Two new Foil Conversions and two new Deck Unlocks are now available for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Steam!

Owners of the Deck Pack 3 expansion can now unlock or foil their Beknighted and Trinity of Elements decks!

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% off Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

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Product Release - Valve
The new Assassin's Creed Revelations - Mediterranean Traveler Map is now available on Steam!

The Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack extends the Assassin’s Creed® Revelations multiplayer experience with the addition of six multiplayer maps, each introducing new gameplay opportunities through their varied terrain, perches, and hideouts.

Product Update - Valve
Enabled ragdoll
Updated weapon sounds
Mines will not trigger through walls anymore
Claymores are now directional (damage goes in front of the claymore)
Updated level up rewards
Added range to flags
Made flag icons smaller
/suicide is now a valid chat command
Updated End of Round screen
Added functionality for multiple people to tag the same target with the camera drone

Fix for mouse pointer appearing at the beginning of Sabotage games
Fix for an issue when screen stays black & white after sabotage game started
EOD skill now works as described
Fixed an issue when bomb dropped in Sabotage game might be left in the air
Fixed quick throw for grenades (was throwing sometimes two grenades in a row)
Fixed bug when in sabotage game players were not always getting proper scoreboard info
Fixed bug when respawn screen timer sometimes gets stuck at 0
Fixed bug when zooming in and your aim would move to the side
When joining sabotage match, the game will no longer force you to remove your RPG, server will remove it automatically for that match
Corrected location for mine and claymore placement
Fixed bug when sometimes after joining sabotage game you would see scope from previous game
Fix bug when some objects would disappear due to improper bounding box
Dropped weapons and weapons picked up by other players now have correct weapon upgrade information
Fixed Eye Spy ability
Product Release - Valve