Product Update - Valve
Brawl Busters hustles with GET GLOW OR DIE TRYIN’ Update! The new ‘Glow Control’ mode is a supernatural twist on the classic King of the Hill. Fresh options let you customize the player limit and brawl with a gamepad!
- New mode: Glow Control;
- Gamepad support added;
- Can customize a room’s/match’s player limit;
- New item: Rookie Helmet (free, for new players only);
- Added Auto-Balance option when allowing Intrusion;
- 50BP penalty when exiting a match early;
- Can now check your Friends’ stats in game;
- Fixed the stun bug;
- Fixed minor bugs.

Product Update - Valve
Brawl Busters expands with “The 16th Warrior” update. Large-scale brawls and intimate duels will turn Mega City into a battleground like no other. Intrusion & Observation gives you a brand new perspective of the battlefield.
- Player limit increased to 16 in Team and Versus modes.
- New map, Midnight Arena, for one-on-one matches.
- Character level cap increased to 40.
- Observation feature: watch and observe any match.
- Intrusions feature: leave and enter ongoing matches on your discretion.

Product Update - Valve
We're bringing a far east flavor to this update with the Chinatown map and a new way to customize your weapons. Various bug fixes and modifications are also included.

- Chinatown map: Multiple kiosks and phone booths for very unpredictable and chaotic matches.
- Weapon Attack Item: Use these items to customize your favourite weapon with different attack combinations.
- Added a lobby countdown before matches start.
- Added chat functionality to observer mode.
- Modified map selection order
- Minor bug fixes to UI.

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