Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Listen up, Immortals!

We have some great news for you! Finally our Group Finder, Horde Mode improvements and many user requests are being implemented!

But we have to do a short maintenance to bring that up for you all. We are patching our servers Today 17th August 2017, at 03.30 PM CET (01.30PM UTC).

The following features will be implemented with our Patch 1094:

- Group Finder is now available
- Horde Mode is now available for 3. You can join with 4 and 5 players as well, as long as you use the group finder (Please see the picture attached where to find the group finder)

- The general performance of the Horde Mode has been improved
- Your pets are now collecting your precious treasures way faster
- We have added a shortcut for mounts
- Crushbone Flats Waypoint has been moved to a more convenient location
- Dismantling equipment can be done at the very beginning of the game

We thank you for your support and feedback! We will do our best to get our servers back up and running!

Your GoE Team

PS : May we remind you that queuing for Horde Mode, without being in a group will see you playing Horde Mode in a 3 player mode !
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15

The wait is over, GoE is now 100% in English and German with more languages coming soon!

Thank you,


Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Fellow Immortals...

Listen up, we have some news for all our German players: If you have been waiting to buy the German version, the wait is almost over as the full German version will be released this Wednesday 16th August 2017! Don’t miss it!

To celebrate Guardians of Ember Mortal and Immortal editions are NOW on a 50% sale on Steam, Today 14th August 2017 until Monday 21st August 2017!

Your GoE Team

PS: if you do not care about German look forward to another patch this week bringing several improvements e.g. to the new Horde Mode!
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15

May we have your attention please!

We are launching a drop weekend Today 11th August 2017, at 5pm CET!

Grab your gear and prepare for battle, as this weekend the drops from enemies will be increased by 33%... hurry up, the drop weekend ends on Monday 6am CET

We take this opportunity to wish you a great weekend!
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
“Update: Server is back up and running!

We applied patch 1092 to the server.

Patch 1092 includes the following :

-Fixed NPC “Abramson's Old Dresser” unable to interact with NPC.

-Fixed : NPC “Wundt” shows a strange dialog.

-Fixed : the first stage might get stuck -PE ‘Base Guards’ in zone 17.

-Loca update. (English only)”

With regard to Horde Mode, it tested with no problem on the Test Server. Unfortunately we have encountered a number of issues on the Live Server. We are currently looking into this, by establishing the root of the problem, we will carry out further testing in the coming days.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know more. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Hello Immortals!

Listen carefully, we have some good news. The latest patch going through QA on our test server, includes a feature that will be of great interest to any of Olyndale’s guilds.

The new Guild Skills System means that you and your fellow members can earn more gold and loot, increase your movement speed and critical hit chance, as well as a heap of other bonuses!

If you really want to rock the servers and level up your guild, we highly recommend that you check out this feature once it goes live.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Hello Immortals,

Who’s ready for some Double-XP?

You heard that right, Guardians… from Friday the 28th 14:00 CET until Monday 6:00 CET, we’ll be doubling XP gains all weekend long!

We will also be sending a few keys to every Guardian that logs in this weekend. That means you’d better grab that gear and be ready to lay it all on the line.
There’s nothing like Double XP.

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Hello Immortals,

We wanted to let you know that all the fixes and additional features have been patched successfully with 1091.

Unfortunately there are still some issues with the Horde Mode so we decided to shut it down for the time being. We will be working closely with RW to fix this gaming mode quickly.

We will keep everyone updated as we know more. Thanks for your patience on this matter.


Here are the patch notes leading up to the fixes implemented in 1091:

Patch 1086 includes the following:
  • Loca Update (English only)
  • Adjusted healer aggro to increase the XP share gained in group play.

Patch 1087 includes the following:
  • Loca Update (English only)
  • Changed Crafting quest and lowered crafting level requirement to 15.
  • Fixed: Issue with soundtrack and teleportation causing crashes

Patch 1088 includes the following:
  • Loca Update (English only)
Patch 1089 includes the following:
  • Loca Update (English only)
  • Increased the cap of Silver keys, Gold keys, and Challenge passes to 100
  • Lowered the cooldown for potions
    • HP potions from 20 to 17
    • EP potions from 90 to 80
  • Fixed an issue with quest items filling up player inventories
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the following items from being placed into house inventory:
    • Phoenix Redemption
    • Skill Reset Scroll
    • Attribute Reset Scroll
    • Teleportation Powder
    • Portal Fragments
    • Bipolar Crystal
    • External Fusion Core
  • Changed Iron Hero Mode to allow for group-play

Patch 1090 includes the following:
  • Loca Update(English Only)
  • Reduced level requirement for dismantling & enhancing features to level 15
  • Fixed : 257 - Sacred Horn Stuck in players inventory
  • Implemented Horde Mode

We are very excited about this patch because it adds big changes to the game that have been requested for some time by the community. As always, we beg of your patience and look forward to the upcoming improvements to Guardians of Ember.

May the Five be with us,

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Hello Immortals,

For a limited time, Guardians of Ember: Demigod Edition will be 50% OFF! Embark on a fantastical journey with your friends into the lands of Olyndale!

Go check it out here:

The sale starts today - 25th July, 2017 - and ends on 1st August, 2017 so don’t wait too long to get your 50% discount today.

We all know what happens to the Guardians that wait too long! Don’t be that Guardian!

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15

We would like to apologize for having to roll the servers back to their state just prior to this morning's patch, but given the circumstances, it was a necessity.

All progress from today will be lost, unfortunately, as we announced earlier and Horde Mode will be sent back to the shop for a tune-up. We will work to get an ETA as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of you for helping out today and being so patient as we worked to bring the servers back online as soon as we were able.

We are humbled by your patience and support.

As a small compensation we are Hosting a double XP Event over the weekend. More information will follow.

Your GoE Team

PS: If you are receiving a version error, you will need to reinstall the GoE client.

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