Guardians of Ember - ViciousGoblin
Fellow Guardians,

We would like to thank you for all the assistance you have provided us in finding and reporting bugs. As a result of your work, we have compiled a new patch.

Our next move is to implement it, to do that we will need to shut down the servers for maintenance, and it might take a while since we will have another maintenance for our data center.

We will be patching the servers on January 23rd, 2018 @ 10:00 a.m. (CET).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused! For more info, stay-tuned!

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - ViciousGoblin
Greetings Guardians,

We are aware of the issue where you are not able to buy full game if you have already redeemed your trial key. The reason this is happening is because Steam client is recognizing your Trial Key as a full game.
Current solution we have is that you can buy any of the DLC packages - Deluxe or Ultimate.
Deluxe, package is curently on sale!
However, the sale will end today @ 7.00 p.m. (CET).
Get it while you can!

Your GoE Team!
Guardians of Ember - Serpentes
Fellow Guardians,
The world has changed, with your strength and courage the Dark Forces of Olyndale have ran into hiding and only whispers were heard. For quite some time there was peace, quiet and a well deserved rest.
But as you all know, nothing lasts forever.
The Dark Forces have gathered in secrecy, they have plotted and devised their wicked schemes. The attack on Olyndale has begun! They mustn’t succeed, Guardians, thy hour has come!
The whispers were heard, our informants have spoken, we have been notified that the attack will start at six different locations “Crushbone Flats, Splinter Rock Pass, Ironspine Keep, Arkheen Dunes, Bazaar and Blackgrime Woods will be the first to fall” they said. We must locate the leaders of the rebellion and defeat them before this escalates any further!
Guardians, you must unite and defeat them once and for all!
Fulfil your duty, join us in this epic quest and defeat the Dark Forces of Olyndale and earn some great loot on the way!

Monsters spawn every 1, 3 & 6 hours, starting from the moment they were killed. Rarer the monster - better the loot!
Guardians of Ember - Akio

The servers are back online. :)

Hello Immortals!

We will have a short server restart in ~5 minutes to fix a server hick up. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. It shouldn't take too long.

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - ViciousGoblin
Fellow Guardians,


Technical difficulties are resolved!
EU server is back online
We appreciate your patience!

We have encountered an issue with couple of server nodes which are not working. We have to restart the EU server, scheduled restart will happen at 12:15 (CET)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused
Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Akio
Hello Immortals!

The event for feather collecting is over and we have the final numbers!

The US server collected a total of 21077 feathers
The EU server collected a total of 54781 feathers

Overall 75858 feathers have been collected and this means: You reached the first milestone and with that a 7 day Macaque for free! Good job everyone!

We hope you all had fun collecting those feathers and will have fun with your furry price!

Check your ingame mails! :)

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Serpentes
Listen up Guardians!

Our collecting event starts January 12th @ 2:00 PM CET and ends January 15th @ 10:00 AM CET!

Eino X asked for as much support as we can gather to help collect precious feathers. Many settlements are destroyed, many cities have just disappeared. All the homeless people need new houses, walls, the feeling of protection and hope. Therefore, Eino X wants to craft pillows and blankets. The days are getting colder and colder and we have to protect those people as good as we can.

Go out, kill and loot what you can and collect feathers over the weekend. Except in dungeons, every bad guy has the chance to drop special feathers called “Crystal Light Feathers”. All feathers from all players that drop over the weekend will count into one pool. Eino X will reward you if specific milestones have been reached. These Milestones are:

- 10.000 Feathers (1x 7 Day Macaque Pet)
- 100.000 Feathers (1x Flawless Melting Stone)
- 350.000 Feathers (1x Sailors Hut Costume)

As said, all dropped feathers are counted collectively from everyone, including EU and US servers! You don’t have to collect all these feathers on your own.
We will announce the reached milestones on Tuesday and will send out the reached award at the same time via InGame-Mail.

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - BigPun
Greetings Guardians,

UPDATE: NA server is back online!

Apologies for the latest downtime of the NA server, we were upgrading our datacenter and it took longer than usual.

Thanks for your patience,
Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Serpentes
Fellow Guardians,

UPDATE: Servers are online!

In our never-ending quest to bring you all the best gaming experience possible, we have found and fixed several bugs - and made some tweaks - for your gaming pleasure.

In order to patch the pure awesomeness that will be Guardians of Ember V1.5.1116, we must bring down the servers on January 8th, 2018 @ 11 AM CET.

But before we have the patch, there will be major changes to our server structures and therefore the maintenance will take a while.

Also, we are going to end the Christmas Event and the Fishing Event!

Change Log v1.5.1116:
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Public Event “The Pigmen Summons” from being completed
  • Fixed an issue which caused all chests in Act VI to only drop level 40 items
  • Fixed an issue where the Silverhawk Mech-wings were causing the game to crash when manipulating the marketplace
  • Fixed an issue which caused Act VI to drop level 50 HP potions
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “King of Fear” to become a player’s ally inside the Cathedral Abyss
  • Fixed an issue with the House Sprite Inventory vouchers
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to equip mining golems
  • Increased the minimum quality value of Legendaries to ensure the numbers are always better than vanilla Epics
  • Increased the minimum level requirement for Cathedral Abyss
  • Fixed blockage in Upper Town @ coordinates -592.25,147.64,690.13
  • Fixed blockage in Filthy Hideout @ -311.54,409.70,2425.03

As always, we promise to move as quickly as perfection will allow. We cannot give an ETA at this time but will keep everyone updated as we know more. Please refer to the normal channels (Facebook, Steam & Discord) for regular updates related to the servers coming back online.

Thanks for all of your support,

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - ViciousGoblin
Greetings Guardians!

UPDATE: Servers are live!

In the holiday spirit, we have decided to surprise you with yet another event!
Starting tomorrow, January the 5th, after the server restart at 11:00 a.m. CET Fishing Tournament will commence and it will last until January 8th at 11:00 a.m. CET

You will have the unique opportunity to obtain Iron and Gold Keys, Empire Coins and External Fusion Cores.
And don't forget!
A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office !

Tight Lines!

Your GoE Team

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