Oct 14
Guardians of Ember - BigPun

Something terrible has happened… Cargo ships traveling across Olyndale have been destroyed by the evil forces plaguing this great Empire.

Rumors have spread throughout the lands that stacks of wood and other various pieces of cargo, have washed ashore. Many of those cargo ships were flawless in their construction but were melted by the sizzling heat from the attacks they suffered.

Like stones they sank, but thankfully, much of the precious cargo is salvageable. If you find any cargo that seems out of place, it would be in your very best interest to crack it open and reveal the contents inside.

The Empire will take a loss on the goods for we know the Guardians are here to protect us. You may keep all that you find. Please update us on your loot so that we may know what all was lost in the attacks.

~Eino X
Guardians of Ember - Akio

The servers are online. Have fun! :)

Hello Immortals, your attention please!

Servers will briefly go offline today at 14:00 (CEST) to set up a special little weekend event.

Gather some bait and equip your rods: from when the servers go back online today until Monday October 16 you are in with a chance of hooking yourselves the following special items:

- Equestrian
- Book of Teleportation
- Ampulla of Experience
- Guild Rubies
- Flawless Melting Stone

You might want to hold on to the Equestrian, though, as it could come in handy for another event we have lined up for a couple of weeks time. The choice is yours!

So, grab your fishing hat and get ready for a nice relaxing weekend by the water.

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Alpha
Hello Immortals,

We know you have been clamoring for bonus experience & more exchange vendors: wish granted!

We added exchange vendors that exchange 2 Backpack or Housing Inventory Expansions for 1 External Fusion Core.
We will be boosting XP all weekend long! From right now (10/6/2017) until 06:00 CET on 10/9/2017

And we applied a small patch as we found Grubbs strings, you should be able to understand him properly now!

~Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Alpha
Dear Immortals!
we patched to version 1.5.1103 today, here are the patch notes!

- Jade Vendor now sells weapon and jewelry as well (his text is not fixed)
- Two issues regarding the Horde Mode were fixed
- Eino X Quest was fixed (some of you still might not be able to proceed, in that case you should use the Certificate in your Ember Inventory!)
- The Timothy Kain questline was also fixed
- Indicator for the compendium cards was added

As always we wish for your feedback! Happy slashing!

Your GoE Team

Update: The Jade Vendor Text is now fixed and we forgot to mention that we also implemented an indicator for the compendium cards. You can see now, which card is already in your compendium. And finally, due to popular demand, Immortal Orbs may now be purchased for Frozen Ember.
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Dear Immortals!

The weekend has arrived and that can only mean one thing: Events! This time we are going big, we are adding two events!

The special Vendors are going to be back in the Bazaar this weekend, starting 29/09/2017 and ending 02/10/2017. You can exchange Character bound Backpack Expansion scrolls for Account bound Backpack Expansions. Time to revive your twinks!

The follow options will be available for trading:
Exchange 1x Character bound Backpack Expansion scroll for 1x Account bound Backpack Expansion

And that’s not even all! Noo-ho! Since it’s the end of the week and we are in a good mood, we will also raise your gained EXP by 50%! Yes, you get 50% EXP more!

Mark the date on your agenda and make sure to drop by the New Ku’ Dan’s bazaar to get yourself a real deal!

Your GoE Team

PS: We will be shutting down soon our IndieGoGo campaign that helped us fund the German version. If you are still looking for a T-Shirt, Immortal Edition or any other perk pls have a look now: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/guardians-of-ember-fantasy
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15

We have completed our server maintenance with the new patch updates. The following updates will be included with this patch:

- Fixed bug where 3 gold chest appear and cannot be opened after clearing dungeons.

- Fixed bug for Arques, the final boss in the ‘Bastion of Aquath’.

- Login process will be improved, in that the exact amount of character slots will be displayed from the very start of the game. Although this is the only thing you may notice visually, we have improved the background processes of the login page.

- Added a tab to the character window for PvP stances. Due to an issue this feature has been disabled, but we will work on it to implement it in the next patch.

- Added a base version of the game without DLC (does not include Mount or Pet and only one inventory page - pls use the certificate in your welcome message to unlock your Epic Bag and content beyond Act 1)

- The crediting of DLC bonuses was changed. As a result now existing characters also get expanded inventory once upgrading (e.g. Mortal, Demigod, Immortal and Deluxe have now two pages, Ultimate has three pages).

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Update: The servers are back up and the Weekend event has commenced!

We have added two special Vendors in the Bazaar this weekend (ending 24/09/2017) so you can exchange no longer needed reset scrolls for more useful inventory and backpack expansions!

- Exchange 4x Attribute Reset Scrolls for 1x Backpack Expansion
- Exchange 4x Skill Reset Scrolls for 1x House Inventory Expansion

The above options should help high level players to expand their inventories while all new characters get the expanded inventory automatically (depending on the edition purchased).

Your GoE Team


We will be restarting our servers today 22/09/2017 at 3:35PM CET in order to implement the weekend event and add some items to the Empire Coins and Frozen Ember shops!

We have listened to your highly valued suggestions and feedback, and thus carried out in-game shop changes with immediate effect!

- Mount and pet orbs can be purchased with Empire Coins & Frozen Ember!
a) The orbs purchased with Empire Coins can drop: 1 day pets/mounts and 7 days pets/mounts (we are adding these for people to complete the compendium and try the pet and mounts outs)
b) The orbs purchased with Frozen Ember can drop: 7 day pets/mounts, 30 day pets/mounts and permanent pets/mounts

- Apart from the expanded inventory space for new characters (based on the purchased edition) we have re-added the expansions to the shops:
a) Backpack expansions have been added to Loot Orbs that you can buy for Empire Coins (currency out of daily quests)
b) Housing Inventory and Backpack expansions can be purchased for 99 Frozen Embers with a 33% discount offer

Thank you for patience,

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - Alpha

Today we leave Early Access behind and push to new horizons with Guardians of Ember - including a lot of bug fixes, improvements and new features that you guys have been waiting for. So come along and hack’n’slay with us!

What’s new?

Nightmare Difficulty: What was that? You had the impression Guardians of Ember was a piece of cake? Well Guardian, the newly implemented Nightmare difficulty mode for dungeons will be right up your alley!

Group Finder: Never be alone by easily finding other players to storm a Dungeon - and teleporting instantly to them! Oh, and while we are at it we reworked the XP and Loot Sharing in Groups so that even Healer and Tanks don’t miss out on rewards even they pull little aggro!

Guild Skill System: Guild members can now unlock 2 of a total of 14 bonuses, that buff their team in various ways.

Dismantle gear by rarity: From now on you can simply dismantle pre-selected items from various rarity levels in bulk. Very convenient!

More fun in low levels: We listened and lowered the level requirement for crafting to level 15 (you can from the beginning dismantle items) and PvP to level 10 while adding a buff in PvP and Horde Mode (the new coop mode you might have missed) to balance the odds.

German and Spanish versions: Apart from English you can play the game now als in Espagnol and Deutsch with French coming soon!

Updated Shop System: We listened and made several changes to our item shop, selling vanity items such as pets and mounts directly but removing anything that was considered Pay-to-Win. For example, players with a Mortal Edition, Deluxe Edition or higher now have unlimited Free Reskill and expanded inventory! You love those Loot Orbs? You now not only get them for Empire Coins (the currency from daily quests) but also Loot Orbs for Level Ups!

With our commercial launch come two new Guardians of Ember packages :

Deluxe Edition, including the following items:
- White Mane Horse (Permanent)
- Pangolin Pet (Permanent)
- Enlightened Title Certificate
- Immortal Loot Orbs at every second level up*
- two pages of Inventory for each character


Ultimate Edition, including the following items:
- God’s People Costume
- Exclusive Gold Crown Crane Mount (Permanent)
- Exclusive Dragonhawk Baby Pet (Permanent)
- Misty Magic Wings (Permanent)
- Transcendent Title Certificate
- Immortal Loot Orbs at every level up*
- fully expanded inventory for each character

* applies only on newly created characters

Both editions are 33% off for the next 7 days and there are also DLCs for those players who wish to upgrade!

What’s next?

We will continue adding new features and improving Guardians of Ember! Act 6 and The Endless Tower are just around the corner and we have some other things in mind (new PvP mode, anyone?). Keep an eye on the forums and follow our Facebook page!
Guardians of Ember - catalyst15
Patch Notes 1.5.1100 :

- English & German localisation updates

- Full Spanish localisation

- Gear dismantle button by rarity filtering

- Guild Skills - more skills have been added

- XP sharing in Group Play has been adjusted

- Horde Mode - completing wave 10 reward players with 1,000 honor points; 6 flawless melting stones; 5 guild rubies

- Honor Point vendor pricing adjustments

- Logout button in character screen

- New dungeon difficulty - Nightmare Mode which can reward you with Secret Jade currency

- Secret Jade vendor for Armors

We hope you will enjoy the new in game features and your time in Olyndale ! We will not stop here so please keep the feedback flowing!

As of today English and German Facebook pages will be officially merged together!

Thank you for your support,

Your GoE Team
Guardians of Ember - BigPun
Fellow Immortals,

We have put a lot of work into the release of Horde Mode… and we did not stop there. Upon community suggestions, we have fixed bugs and improved it!

Our recently added Vendor Nia will have her prices lowered, thus players will be able to make better use of their Honor Points and items will be more attainable. The following adjustments will be made :

Level 2 Material: from 10 HP to 75 HP
Level 3 Material: from 100 HP to 150 HP
Level 4 Material: from 1,000 HP to 375 HP
Level 5 Material: from 10,000 HP to 750 HP
Level 6 Material: from 100,000 HP to 1500 HP

Bugs related to wave 9 & 10 of Horde Mode have been fixed. Primarily players were obtaining 510 honor points after completing wave 9 or 10. This has been fixed and players will now receive 485 honor points after wave 9 and 550 honor points after wave 10 respectively.

A special achievement for wave 10 has been added. Players will now receive the unique ‘Horde Mode Arena: Tower’ achievement. Which includes:

1,000 Honor Points
5 x Guild Rubies
6 x Flawless Melting Stones - These stones have no runes in them, thus making them a very rare item in game.

We thank you for your support and feedback, and hope that this will make Horde Mode and GoE a more enjoyable experience for all!

Your GoE Team

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