Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios

Alright so Grave Prosperity Remake now has a Facebook page! This is still a very new page, but I wanted to go ahead and get one made for the sake of having a place to put periodic updates on the game. As of the moment it has a box image and the plot outlined on it, but that is it. Now that the game has a home everyone can know where to look for new screenshots and character art as they come up!

House of Velez just got its own Facebook page up as well! It is currently in a similar position as far as its development goes. Screenshots and media will begin getting posted there within the next 24 hours. If you're interested in getting an idea of the visual direction GP Remake will take, I'd recommend checking out House of Velez, as that will be the style of navigating the world that GP Remake will be adopting!

Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Alright so here's a fun little tid-bit of information regarding the Grave Prosperity Remake!
It actually had me laughing a bit when I noticed it...

That theme update from the last post miiight have been a bit of a miscalculation on my part. I wanted to give the game a Native American theme, which would have updated Amber's appearance, the environments and the creatures. The issue, though, was when I stopped to look at the new story and the new theme when they were side-by-side...

I wrote the story for this remake long before I considered making the theme adjustment. Amber's character is a bit of an eccentric and an alcoholic in this version, and these characteristics play a big part in her development and how she interacts with the world around her.
Looking at the big picture I would have ended up with this if I kept the new theme: An alcoholic Native American female in a super skimpy outfit who would likely come off as a pretty racist and misogynistic stereotype character. Not that I normally worry about anything I make offending people, but I mean common.. This would have been too over-the-top.

Sooo yeah... With that, I think I'm gonna reel it back in and keep Amber as her good ol' original self! I can save the Native American theme for another title where it won't get me chased by an angry mob. My cardio isn't what it used to be.. Haha

Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Some time has passed since I announced the Remake would be happening, and I finally got a little down time to get some more work done on it while wrapping up House of Velez! Check it out!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
So it's been a good 2 years since I released Grave Prosperity: Redux on Steam. We all know the story about the patch gone rogue, the data crash and all that.

But what you didn't know about is the Remake that is now in the works!

That's right! I have had enough people asking for it that I have started work on a direct remake of Grave Prosperity: Redux! The remake will focus on remaining as faithful to Redux as possible, while improving on all the minor technical flaws that held the original back. So combat fixes, movement, animation etc...
In fact, in stead of trying to explain it to you, why don't I show you?
And a screen shot of the game in its editor:

So this is not just an idea, it is a work in progress already. I apologize for the massive gap in time, but sometimes a creator needs a little vacation to recharge. Plus House of Velez is still in the works as well. Just remember that this is all being done by Dark Room Games, not LDC Studios. Here is a discussion thread if anyone would like to talk about the project:
Dec 30, 2016
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
Sorry about the silence, everyone. Earlier this year my computer crashed due to a Window's 10 summer update. I lost a massive amount of data in the crash and had to restart nearly from scratch. I worked at rebuilding the game again for a while, but my heart just wasn't in it this time around. City of Amber was a rehash of Grave Prosperity: Redux. Redux was a rehash of the original 2012 Grave Prosperity. So after basically working on different versions the same project with the same characters for 4 years, I think this final redo was the one to push me out of the loop.

I have been quietly working on a fresh title that has no ties to my previous work at all, however, and it has been spectacular! I have formed a new company named "Dark Room Games" and the new game is called "House of Velez." The aesthetic is similar to my usual work, but this game is pure horror. No action. Not having the distractions of keeping up with social media updates or trying to reinvent my own old ideas, this game is coming to life much more fluidly than anything else I have ever done.
The demo is close to being ready for Greenlight, so look out for that within a month's time! And I do apologize again for the extended silence on the goings on with my projects!

There is now a Youtube channel for Dark Room Games, and I have a single clip from House of Velez right now:
And the new company email is if anyone has any questions!

Thank you all for your support even during the tough times!
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
It may be a bit sloppy to post this here, but I know many people out there are curious about what's been happening with that "patch gone rogue" which is now called "City of Amber."
It's still too early to make its Greenlight page, but I would like to post the completed opening FMV here so people can see where it's all going.

Grave Prosperity was never presented with a story. It was meant to slowly unravel as the game progressed through its episodic play. Unfortunately that meant that nothing was known about the Protagonist either. It made it difficult to really care about Amber and what she was doing. With City of Amber I decided to make it in the exact opposite way.

This time you will know your character's past, her feelings on that past, and where she plans to take her future- all right out of the gate. Even her body is a representation of her history and character. From the battle scars that cover her back, to the large wings tattooed under them which represent her desire for freedom from her current life. Everything tells a story in this game. And the rather thickly laid on theme in the intro will have heavy influence over the creatures and horrors Lilly will encounter in Prosperity. There aren't just unexplainable nastys crawling around in the dark anymore. Now many of the monsters (and sometimes locations) will be a product of Lilly's own personal demons and faltering sanity.

There is a lot going into this on all fronts, and I am very excited about its completion!
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
I just had an interesting interaction with an individual on the home website of the Construct 2 engine that I am using to create GP: Redux. I feel that it was definitely a revealing and necessary one, so much that I would like to share it here. The guy's name is Taistelusopuli, and this was our conversation based around the combat demo video I just put out:

"That was a nice fight It seems though that evading Malik's swings is more about luck than timing..? The space is so small. I might be wrong though"

This was very interesting to me, and it caused me to explain and really break down what is going on inside the project.

**LDC Studios**
"Haha yes, it definitely takes some practice to get used to his attacks. But by the time you get to him you'll have had so much practice from fighting other smaller creatures that any flinch from an enemy will have your muscles trained to either block or dodge immediately. That is the main draw I want to come from this game. Players developing skill in themselves from experience while fighting throughout the story. I don't want grinding for experience points and increasing stats to be the safety net that carries them to victory. Answering this will actually give me the opportunity to really explain why/how I've done things the way I have!

Mechanically, the game is rather shallow in the sense that everything takes place on the same two dimensional plane, so I have to add depth by making enemies that are unpredictable and always unique. They are tough, but fair. As quick as the boss Malik may be (or any other enemy you may encounter), Amber is just as quick. And the quicker the player becomes, the quicker Amber becomes, giving you the edge. Also, having the enemy and the protagonist on the same plane means that no one is handicapped by things like a poor sense of depth perception. That means that the enemy is always within reach, and so are you. This levels the playing-field to shear skill and timing.

I also want the players to have to learn how each encounter works, and realize that no two creatures will ever approach you the same way. They're being created as organic individuals that act in their own unique way. So some may dodge attacks, some may block, and some may even try to counter. With these possibilities always being present, that means that the player's play-style will have to constantly adapt to the adapting threats. The story itself is not based in realism, but I want the combat to feel real in the respect that you are a stranger to this place and you will never walk into a situation fully knowing or understanding your opposition. In the game, as in real life, stats fall second to skill, meaning all you can truly rely on in this hostile environment is knowing yourself and use what skills you have/develop to survive.

I'm hoping that these things will keep the game fresh and consistently challenging. I don't want players to have just another mindless hack n slash on their hands. You could say that I want Grave Prosperity to be the "Bullet Hell of Hack N Slash," which demands extreme focus and accuracy at all times a threat is present."

Sometimes I don't even understand the motivation of the things I create, but having to think on and answer to a comment like his is very revealing even to myself. I never full realize the logic behind what I'm doing until long after I've started! Haha!
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
This took a little longer than I thought it would, but I got all the kinks worked out and it's ready to be shown! For the demonstration I chose to use a boss battle to show off the new combat system! Keep in mind that this video is watered down to JUST the most basic gameplay mechanics. So any cinematics that would be in the final game are left out.
Community Announcements - LDC Studios

This is a screen from a coming video that will finally be showing off all the new combat mechanics for the patch. The video will be complete within the month!
Dec 31, 2015
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
Happy New Year, everybody! In celebration of this wonderful first day of the year, I would like to release a sneak peek at some special content for GP Redux's patch!
Below is an image of one of Amber's DLC costumes. If you remember toward the end of part 1 during her conversation with Gabriel, Amber reveals her extensive military background (Which is still present in the new patch). So this piece of DLC will represent that. And yes, the costume does come with the assault rifle!


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