Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
This will be the final update until the 22nd of this month! I have a much needed vacation coming up.

So before then, I wanted to drop these off for you all!

Random screenshot just because I am very happy with how the fire effects have turned out:

Evil robo-baby has returned:

And work on the Dweller is already underway as well! This guy seems to get bigger and bigger with each version:

So as you can see, gameplay is just about done. A little AI and special effects for the Dweller, and we're good to go!
On a side note, the Dweller fight will have some special additions to it that I think everyone will appreciate! I never really thought that fight was a suitable ending to Part 1 after dealing with so many more challenging enemies. This time you will feel like you've earned that ending screen!

Once I have returned from vacation I will likely be announcing the completion of all gameplay elements and the start of working on cutscenes!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
You ever just smack a guy around til he bursts into flames??
It's pretty great...
This is the Berserker combat demonstration:

And with that, we have one 2 faced baby crab claw robot monster to make, and one giant snake dragon! Then the gameplay is complete and it's on to the final step: Making cutscenes!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Heeey who remembers this guy?? Being this far along in development can only mean one thing...

Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Getting into fights in Redux was never easy, and it was rarely rewarding, aside from a brief "I diiid it!" moment. I wanna change that here with Remake.
This time there will be more room for upgrading as you fight your way through. The choices will be more readily available, but choosing between them will be the hard part...

Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Alright everybody, this is alpha footage of the new fully functioning combat system! Our test dummy is the Scavenger!
So who's up for 7 minutes of straight ass-whoopin?? I went a little nuts with the work load these past 24 hours so I could get some solid alpha combat footage out to you all! Enjoy the madness!!

I was dropping frames like crazy thanks to the screen recorder I was using. Without it it's at a solid 60fps all the way! Amber moves as fast as you can react.
This, I feel, is the Grave Prosperity I wanted to give you all originally.
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Awright! Amber's basic combat animations have all been made! Here's a short clip showing how they turned out:

Now it's time to start reworking the lovely Scavenger and see how the two of them get along!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
And now we get to the good stuff! Finally on to making the combat animations! Couldn't recycle the old ones, but I plan to keep it as close to Redux' moves as possible. I did redo the walk cycle for holding the machete differently though. The old one was a little too casual looking for its purpose. This new one has more of a sneaky/stalky kinda look to it. It fits the atmosphere.

Also got a couple other environment shots here. The Labs had to be redone from the ground up, and the forest areas had to be mostly redone as well. Because of that you will notice some minor differences from the original maps.

So now all the environments have been completed! It's been one week. I don't wanna start making promises, but if I stick to it the way I have been then this remake could be complete in two months.
But you guys will all know- you'll be watching this from start to end! :D
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
Weeellp it looks like all there is left to make in terms of environments is the misty bridge and the the labs areas! Oh and that one boss fight screen.

Environments are fun and all, but the next update will be focusing on the first steps into rebuilding the combat system! THAT is where the real fun is at!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
While this remake is being worked on, I figured I would send you all a little something to keep boredom at bay!
House of Velez now has it's own store page up here on Steam! This game's navigation features and visual styles are the same kind GP Remake will be using when it is released. October 25th House of Velez will be up for sale!

Think of it as the pacifist sister of Grave Prosperity!
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 - LDC Studios
So now we're finally getting into the good stuff! I couldn't help but pull a screenshot from here to compare these two ares (This image is pretty large, so it is easier to see if you open it in a new tab or window)

Each environment is being made to be as faithful as possible to Redux. So far the asylum section is about 75% complete!

The idea right now is to get all the environments created and made functional in-game. After that the combat will be added in. And after that all of the cutscenes will be made.
Things are looking real good for just a few days of work!

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